10 Second Money Ritual That Multiples Your Money 10X / #shorts

Are You Wanting to Change Or Preserve Your Reality? (Part 1 of 3)

Is your life continually a stretch for you? That is, every day do you challenge yourself to your full potential?

Prosperity Paradigm, Part 1 – Planet and People First, Then Profit

In this time when the world economy is being dismantled and redesigned, the questions of what we are really capable of without money is coming up time and time again, both in our personal lives, and on the public stage. What are we really worth? Who are we without money? Can we survive without it?

Plenty of Abundance

We feel that what others have we are lacking in, so we keep racing to have more. We feel inferior if we do not measure up to our society’s standards. Well, that is our human nature after all. Even little children display a lot of these characteristics so let’s not criticize and blame ourselves.

3 Keys on Manifesting What You Want to Create Easily – Key 3

Key 3 is using a goal setting tool to find out what steps or what inspired actions you want to take in the process of manifesting what it is that you want to create easily. In the traditional way we look at setting goals by what we want to achieve in life and then set goals, targets or things that you need to, ought to, and must do to get there. This robs us of our energy and vitality because we come from a place of the energy of pushing or forcing.

You Must Be a Coach For Others

All of us need a coach in this life. Why? Because we can get stuck in boredom with the reality of our lives less enthusiastic. We can no longer interest in the work we do and find it hard to motivate our self to get up and go to work in the morning. Maybe we have a problem that makes us despair or lose hope, and seeing no way out for our problems? On the other hand we also have an obligation to be a coach for others who need help from us. It means that every person has a dual function which requires a coach and is also needed as a coach for others.

The Secret to Creating Abundance

Do you ever wonder why some people have everything they want in life, while others live in poverty? Or live day by day, always wishing they had something they don’t have and never get it?

Breaking the Status Quo

The author elaborates on the meaning of formal education versus informal education. And how this difference could mean success for one and failure for the other.

Imagine You Are 90

Just for a moment, try shifting the perception of time in you life. If you are looking back from age 90, what would you want to say about your life?

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