Prosperity Secrets – Divine Substance

It was a life changing moment for me when I read Wallace Wattle’s book “The Science of Getting Rich” and I first learned that there is an intelligent divine substance in which everything in the world is formed from including me. This intelligent divine substance is inexhaustible and it is everywhere even inside all of us!

Becoming a Millionaire – A Good Place to Start

If your life is in a rut and you feel you are going nowhere especially on the subject of money then what you need do is take steps to get it started yourself. No-one is going to do it for you.

What is Enlightenment?

What is enlightenment? Do we even know? A new workable definition is proposed here, one that just may enlighten the world!

How to Get Rich by Solving Business Problems

Most people want to escape the rat race. Everyone wants financial freedom and contentment. Most people don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work day after day in a boring job that makes someone else rich. There must be something else, right?

Money is Everywhere

The most fundamental component to wealth creation isn’t the techniques or finding the right opportunities. It’s even more basic than that. It’s your mindset, whether you believe that becoming wealthy is something achievable for you or not.

To Rich Or Not to Rich

This is a very interesting subject, how to make money and what to do if you lose it all again. If you became a millionaire and then lost all your money, would you have the strength to do it all again. If you had millions and you lost the lot, would it be fair to call you stupid.

Getting Beyond “I’m Too Busy” and Directing Your Life

OK, so you’re busy. Life is full of pressing, urgent needs. Your career fills your weekdays, maybe spills into weekends. Your children, if you have them, seem to always need something from you. Yes, it’s a full picture.

Valentines Day Surrounded by Love

You might feel unloved this Valentines Day. But love surrounds you. You just have to remove the barriers to experiencing it.

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