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How Changing Your Paradigm Can Influence Your Future Prosperity

How can changing a paradigm or thought pattern influence you future prosperity? I’m going to start by giving you a real life example that happened to me recently. It was so simple, and accidental but it got me to thinking if I could change one little thought and have such an amazing result imagine if I really put my mind to it and changed my complete way of thinking.

Abundance in Your Life is Possible – How to Create Abundance on a Daily Basis

I woke up this morning, with three months to go until the birth of my second child, and started thinking what if I don’t want to go back to work after this baby? OK so I’ve left this a little to the last minute but I got to thinking is it possible with some intensive daily work to get myself to where I’m earning enough money from home that I don’t have to go back to work, within the next three months?

The Manifesting Money Technique That Guarantees Success!

Wanting to Manifest money, I would say is the number one reason why most people want to learn about the Law of Attraction. Not being able to manifest money – I would say is the number one reason why most people give up on the “Law of Attraction.”

Who Are You Lending an Ear to?

Recently I picked up my copy of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. It is truly an amazing book, filled with a great deal of insight and practical advice.

Can I Live With Less? Tips to Reducing Clutter

For years many people believed in having more things. The more the better. With the recent recession, people have changed perspective. While the recession has brought the thought, it begs the question why did it take a recession to see it.

The Magic of Manifestation – How to Attract Your Greatest Desires Easily, Quickly and Joyfully

Manifestation is the result of creation and creation is born in our thoughts. What we manifest is what we think about, and creation is not random — there is an energy force behind it. The pathway that thought energy travels is desire, intent, clarity and action. Our feelings are the unseen, yet powerful, force behind our thoughts.

How to Make Money Selling Angel Products

It is a little known fact that God does not want you to be poor. Here are two simple ways to make money from his spiritual angels. The methods are simple and the rewards can be a blessing financially and spiritually.

The Value of Something For Free

It is a sad trait that we humans seem to have developed, in that we do not seem to appreciate the value of something if we acquire it without effort. When we get something for little or no effort we often discredit it, yet on the other hand, we demand that we receive what we do want for nothing in return.

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