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Will, Day-Dreams and Selective Memory

Rationality, efficiency and human practicality ruin the magical happiness felt in being alive and geared to enjoyment. Get back to that magical happiness. Day-dream with abandon like a kid. Imagine what you want. It’s your world. Go ahead and fly if you want. Wishful thinking isn’t a bad thing.

Divine Waiting Rooms, Definition Of Enough And Lessons

What do you do when you ask for something very specific and you get exactly what you ask for, but then at the same time are offered something else, something shiny and more. Rob and I have always said we just want “enough”. Enough to pay our bills take care of the kids and some money left over to have some fun.

Manifesting Prosperity And Abundance: Asking Is Believing

Your time is precious. You have important work to do, after all, that only you can do. Your higher purpose, whatever that may be, is meant to lift up this world and its humanity to a much higher dimension of loftiness. This article is intended to help you who is seeking your own truth, the one truth that illuminates your path to higher consciousness. Among other topics, such as the cornerstone of forgiveness, manifesting (creating) your reality through faith and asking is but one important area of your spiritual evolution. This article will share the secret of manifestation. If you follow the formula, you will learn to become an unstoppable creator – the One you are meant to be and always have been.

Life, Death And The Profit Motive

Everybody either wants to live or they want to die, and we chase either goal because it gives us some sort of reward. That is not questionable. But, what is questionable is this fact: Do we want to do what we want to do, life or death, for productive or destructive reasons?

The Power of The Seed

The Power of a seed is so amazing. Understanding the Power of seed is essential to life itself. This is because the more we understand it, the valuable life and its existence becomes to us.

7 Tips For Attracting Abundance and Manifesting Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why some people are richer and happier while others are poor and unhappy? The answer to this question is simple, it’s the way people think. This means you have the power to change your tomorrow and make your dreams come true. And it’s easier than you think.

8 Ways To Raise Your Vibration and Boost Your Manifestation Efforts

When you raise your vibration, you allow more life force (feel good) energy to flow through you. And the more life force energy that flows through you, the more you open the gateways to abundance.

The Desire for Peace

There is a personal peace that allows one to enjoy a peace of mind in a world that seems in conflict. Through this peace a person can actually heal others, strengthen their body and spiritual movements as well as enjoy peace that precedes other desired qualities. This is a personal abundance.

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