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Why You Need To Become Rich?

How hard is it to become rich? I believe it is not too hard to make a lot of money in an honest and God fearing manner. Let me tell you, riches flow in abundance to any man who can help solve human problems. People all over the world have problems, stress, unanswered questions and concerns that needs urgent attention, these people are ready and willing to part with their money to anyone who can help them solve those problems.

Riches And Wealth: Your Right To Be Rich

To be rich is to have more than enough money and materials that you need to live a good and comfortable life. In this world money is what is used for the exchange of goods and services. It is convenient for everyone on earth to market his skill or talent for money and use the same for anything he needs. Man’s needs are insatiable but most of the needs can easily be met if there is sufficient money in hand. Someone says, “Money rules the world” and I am tempted to agree with that. Although, money cannot answer all things but as this world stands today, money solves more than ninety percent of man’s problems.

Activating Your Gratitude For More Energy

Gratitude builds health, life satisfaction, and joy. Those are all attributes of an energized, high performance person. Are you ready to be uplifted? Get an attitude of gratitude.

Is It So Wrong to Be a Rich Christian?

Wealth and the Christian are compatible. Riches and abundance does not exclude you from God’s blessing and presence. A bad attitude does, a wrong approach to wealth does. Abraham was rich, so was David and Joseph, and many more and they were considered favourites and favored by God.

Developing Strong Manifesting Power

If the truth be told, you already know exactly how to create in a powerful and almost instant way. You’ve been doing it your whole life. The problem is you’ve been using this power to create what you fear, what you hope doesn’t happen and what you most deeply dislike over and again. Now to discover the conscious way of creating exactly that which you most desire to experience. Leave the fear and dread at the door and move into a brand new way of life.

Failure: Why People Fail 2

Failure starts from people’s minds. What we think matters and goes a long way to determine our destiny. Success and failure depends on what we think persistently.

Failure: Why People Fail And How To Avoid Failure

One of the greatest causes of failure is not knowing what you want. You will be surprised if you ask one hundred people what they will do with one million dollars if they are given right now.

Why Do Some People Succeed And Others Fail?

If it is true that we are given the same power and no one has more power than the others, why is it that some are succeeding in life while others are failing. I have proved earlier that God’s blessings on Adam, the first man is a blessing on the human race and since all of us were potentially in Adam when the blessing was released, it follows that the blessing is yours as well as mine.

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