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Law of Attraction and Gratitude

I know that when I look around and see things in my life that are not the way I want them to be I have to remind myself that everything is exactly how I expected it to be. Yes that does not make much sense, but it’s the Law, everything around me is a direct reflection of this Law, and if I don’t like it then I have to change.

Contribution – Giving Back Gets You So Much More

Giving back is the greatest gift you can give. Whether you’re giving time or money, the service you give to someone else with no thought of personal gain is very powerful. So why do so many people avoid it?

Problems With the Getting Rich Quick Mindset

People love the idea of getting something for nothing. That’s the reason why casinos are always filled to the brim, people spend half their paychecks on lotto ticket, and why many people fall for get rich quick schemes. For whatever reason nevertheless the Net is fill with get rich fast schemes and cons, and although many aren’t schemes or stings, they just do not work and therefore waste either your time or money. With having said that, there’s a full segment of net entrepreneurs that wish to make as much money as they can as quick as they can, but they are willing to work for it.

Making Money – Beyond Principles

One of the major subjects of discussion all over the internet is the subject of “how” to make money. It is a great subject because we all need money. We need money, because we spend money every day to meet our various obligations. And this has fueled our desire to have our share of it.

Energy Flow Spring Cleaning

Holding on to items that no longer serve a purpose can impede the flow of positive energy through your home and life. This can seriously affect your ability to attract abundance into your world.

Money – Where Did Your Beliefs Come From?

For most of us money is something that there’s never enough of, is hard to get and even harder to keep. I know that I grew up the eldest of five children in a family that, particularly while I was a young child, was struggling to make ends meet.

Mastery of Yourself

Think about how you made it through your first few years and all the rapid learning you did. From virtually nothing to and agile toddler with a really good grasp of a foreign language (well it was certainly different from the noises etc you were first making) where people understood what you were saying. What about learning to talk or walk?

Transitioning From the Job to Starting Your Business

Your first business ownership is the business of your own life and how well you manage it will often determine the degree of which you are able to branch out into real business. With our common job market on the non-executive level, there isn’t many opportunities to work yourself into your own business.

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