7 Ways To Protect And Cleanse Yourself From Negative Energy

The Two Biggest Barriers to Abundance

This article is about the two biggest barriers to achieving what we really want. If you’ve been using positive thinking affirmations and still haven’t really got what you want then this article is for you.

What Do People Really Really Want – Most Often the Answer is Freedom

You know every seminar I attend where the question is asked “what do you really really want out of life” or “what do you want to achieve” most often the answer is freedom. Yet most people have no idea how to create freedom in their lives, they feel trapped by the constraints of a day job, or unhealthy financial circumstances, they may be settling for a mediocre personal relationship and life pretty much feels out of control or that no hope exists to have a life that looks any other way. How do you turn around a situation that looks like this?

Taking the Pain Out of Wanting

One of the most relentlessly punishing experiences of life is not getting what one most wants. It doesn’t matter what that thing is – a relationship, a house, a car, a job, more money, enough money. If one wants it enough and can’t have it, then misery follows.

Abundance – Want a Powerful 3 Step Formula That Reveals a Secret to Your Abundant Prosperity?

Could you use a little extra abundance flowing in your life? Discover how to tap into your built in potential revealed in this powerful formula for abundant prosperity!

All-Encompassing Abundance

Abundance is the natural order of the Universe, and so it is our natural birthright as well. And not just money, but ALL-ENCOMPASSING abundance, in every area of our lives.

The Laughing Buddha’s Recipe For Prosperity

The Laughing Buddha symbolizes abundance and prosperity. If you look at the Laughing Buddha, he hardly has any possessions, except for a bag on his shoulder. He is alone, always laughing and has this huge belly. And it’ll make you wonder how someone who has nothing can bring you something! That too, by rubbing his belly? Bizarre?

Millionaires – 5 Paths Towards Your Fortune

For those who are committed to become rich, you will be interested to know the five main ways that wealth is made in America. There is a clear direct relationship between excellence and the high income that leads to financial freedom. Are you doing the right things that lead you to your riches or do you have to make an overhaul of what you are doing and your life.

Grow Your Income Tenfold

You are probably familiar with the many ways of increasing your income. From working harder, to building your own business to investing in your portfolio to more sales, these are the many ways to increase your income via increasing the monetary value in it and or getting multiple streams of income. The means of such a solution is very simple; however most of us are not able to do it. This article focuses more on the psychological aspects on why one is not able to achieve his tenfold increment of his income.

Being a Money Magnet – Do You Love Your Life?

This is probably the most famous question that we often ask ourselves: Why is money important? The obvious answer is that without money we cannot survive. Think food for our stomach, water for our body composition, air for breathing and shelter for safety. Money is needed for us to catalyze the process of value creation when intrinsic value of goods and services are circulated, so as to maximize our chances of survival and earn the right to luxury.

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