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Who Or What Is Abraham Hicks? Genuine Or A Charlatan?

Abraham Hicks comprises two entities. Firstly the Hicks element is Esther Hicks, who frequently identifies as “Abraham Hicks”, and is an American business woman who together with her late husband Jerry Hicks – a former top level Amway salesman – has co-written nine books and presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction. The second entity is a spirit (or group of spirits) self identifying as “Abraham”. Esther Hicks claims to channel this spirit…

The Law Of Attraction – Truth Or Lie?

Does the Law Of Attraction really work? Is it based on Truth of is it fundamentally a lie? Do our thoughts really create all the circumstances of our lives? Why doesn’t the law of attraction work every time? This article gives you answers to these questions and a link to further resources.

Corporate and Personal Yacht Parties

One of the fastest-growing trends for corporate events and get-togethers is having a corporate social gathering on a high-class yacht. It’s a chance to get away from the work environment and do something new, something fun, and something memorable. Sure, as a corporate event planner you could have another house party at one of the executive’s homes, or you could rent out a restaurant or some other facility if you have a large number of guests, but it won’t be something that people will be talking about next quarter. When you have a yacht party, they’ll be talking about it for years.

Scarcity Vs. Prosperity: How to Get More of What You Want in Your Life

Scarcity and prosperity are two terms I had not heard of until I entered the coaching world. At first, I felt they were worldly concepts of the common pursuit of wealth and possessions… connected with the overused term: Abundance. Soon I learned about the truth found in these concepts and saw the huge impact our perspectives of them have on our life, events, people, money, and everything.

One Secret Of Hidden Fear That No One Talks About!

Rita Crandall spent thousands of dollars and countless hours about Self-Help Development, she couldn’t find an answer to her mystery of Identity Theft and was still broke. Fourteen years later, Rita’s mind opened to the awareness of The Law of Attraction while reading The Bible. She became aware of The Law of Attraction and how we create our success or failure in life with emotional thought. Our sub-conscious mind totally believes what our conscious mind tells us. In Rita’s life her emotional fear of living on Social Security was real and that’s where her sub-conscious mind brought to her.

Law Of Attraction Anger

Anger is a powerful attractive force which can be attracting situations and circumstances into your life without your conscious awareness. If you’re attracting more than your fair share of difficulties, you may have some old behaviour and thinking habits which aren’t serving you. Noticing these is the first step towards changing them.

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Escape Debt, Fear And Panic

I like to think about the law of attraction like the red pill and blue pill which Morpheus offers Neo in The Matrix. You take the blue pill and the story ends and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill; you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Is The Law Of Attraction Fake?

Is the law of attraction real or is it just some marketing fluff to make some people a lot of money? Since The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, more and more people are discovering the law of attraction. But is it real?

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