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Is Knowledge Power? Think Again

Knowledge is potential power. How to convert this potential into an absolute power is an art to be understood to become a successful entrepreneur.

Life’s Journey Is a Legacy

My experience of life is that it is truly a remarkable journey. It involves peaceful highways, mountainous roads, barren wastelands, magically sunsets, and torrential floods yet around every corner there is something new to see and lessons learned along the way. As I think back on my own life I am in wonder at how it has unfolded. Struggles and dark times have taught me valuable lessons for current days. I continue down the road fearless about the future because I have overcome and learned from the past.

5 Ways to Use Fear to Fuel Your Financial Freedom

Most humans resist the idea of stepping directly into the things that frighten them. If you are reaching beyond your comfort zone, you’ll likely feel afraid. That does NOT mean, you shouldn’t reach. You should always reach. Here are some specific strategies you can use to take that fear and turn it into freedom, financial freedom or personal freedom.

Auto Suggestion, The Most Important Tool for Fulfillment of Desires

The power of true auto suggestion is one of the strongest factor for the state in which a person is. Sub conscious mind does not differentiate between positive or negative thoughts, it starts converting these into reality.

Making Lasting Life Changes – Why We Struggle To Make Lasting Changes In Our Lives

This article will explain why most of us live our lives unable to make lasting, permanent changes that will relieve us from constant anxiety, stress, daily struggle and a feeling that we cannot control events in our lives. In order for you to better understand why these things are happening, we need to explain a little about the workings of the human mind.

Joy Empowers Living Above the Line and Fuels the Strength to Stay There

Joy is mandatory for us to increase our capacity to live above the line. As we do so we attract the good things and people life has to offer. Joy is an emotion that we all desire to have as a dominant state but it often eludes us because of life’s circumstances that get in the way. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can take control over our joy. We don’t have to wait until it just comes on us. It is mandatory for us to stay in joy to increase our capacity to live above the line. As we do so we attract the good things and people life has to offer.

What You Think You Become

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” This is a quote commonly attributed to Buddha because there is great wisdom and power behind this statement. In this article we explore the scientific truths, with a study of human beings changing the physical world with their minds.

Law Of Attraction – 10 Simple Ideas to Manifest Greater Wealth, Success and Happiness

Attracting wealth, abundance and happiness is easy when you do it one step at a time. The best way to do it is by starting with just one little thought at a time. The only obstacle that is stopping you to manifest what you want in life is your own thought. Here are 10 simple ways to help you to attract and manifest greater wealth, abundance and happiness into your life. Does it work? The answer is YES. Try them out and experience the miracle yourself.

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