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Getting What You Really Want in 2017

If you are going to manifest your desires, fulfill your resolutions, achieve your intentions, you absolutely have to practice Pure Focus and Energetic Relaxation. This article will tell you why and how.

Try the Prosperity Game: How to Expand Your Imagination and Decrease Your Resistance to Prosperity

The purpose of the game is to expand your imagination and decrease our resistance to the good the universe has prepared for us and is diligently trying to deliver. However, because of our resistance, the Universe has been unable to do so.

You Need To Retrain Your Mind To Fulfill Your Dreams And Ambitions

The fact is, all of us possess self-sabotaging elements that can manifest at any time and in a variety of ways. This not-so-silent enemy within usually remains in stealth mode despite its repeated pattern of interference with our own self-declared desires.

Lessons on Life, Learning and Earning

These few days and the rest of the year, I will share real practical posts, videos, podcasts, they will be stories on life, learning and earnings. My goal is to give so much away that will benefit many people, especially those who may need to just read this now.

Shattered Assumptions – A Growth Period That Teaches Us to Be More Loving

Because life is full of abrupt twists and turns, these assumptions, which form our belief systems, are often shattered. This causes intense emotional pain that consumes every atom and molecule in our body leaving us writhing in despair, with nowhere to turn for comfort.

Message From the Universe: There Is Abundance Out There, Enough for Everyone

Looking for abundance, prosperity, health and happiness? Well, look around and you will find it everywhere. It is around you, available from within. Focus on what is ahead, and not behind. Stop complaining that abundance is reserved for only the elite, as you are too focused on complaining instead of searching. Take your time, your vision will come back.

Changing The Role You Play to Manifest a New Life

Describe thoroughly the role you’d like to have. What do you look like, feel like? How are your relationships? How do you deal with money? How healthy are you? What do you do for fun? Let your imagination go wild, dream big and bravely.

Message From the Universe: Success Is Very Near

Being happy definitely helps with the motivation to succeed even more. As the cycles goes on, you go and reach out a higher level of happiness which results into more success. It is important to keep on moving forward, even when feeling depressed. I agree it can be challenging but not impossible. Avoid sharing your discontent to others as you are feeding more negativity. Keep it to yourself and always keep smiling. It will make you feel better.

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