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Bingo! (How Reality Comes Together)

Thinking about the nature of gratitude and positive attentiveness, that is the reality that counts for everything that works in life. I know that is a big statement, and this is a big article. It might even “get you across the river”. I can only say a humble “keep reading”.

Affluence and Flow

Affluence means to flow with abundance. When we stop letting this flow, we cease to be affluent. For the continued experience of anything, you need to not squeeze the flow.

Wealth & Abundance – Finding Where You Are Already Rich

Every soul on this earth is rich in some life area which they can tap into in order to make other life areas work well also. How does it work? How will you make it happen? Look inside to find out.

Wealth and Abundance – There Are Many Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Starting Now

Your life can change dramatically and quickly without much effort. Your mindset has everything to do with the outcome of your success in life. You can have it all! Wealth, abundance, everything that you desire. Alter your mindset to achieve the results in your life that you are seeking.

There Is No Reason Why You Can’t Live The Life Of The Rich And Prosperous

Many people live under a misconception that ordinary people like you and I can’t become millionaires or live comfortable everyday lives like the elite 5% of the world. The reason most of us feel this way is due to being mentally conditioned from childhood that only “those people” can live a lifestyle that we all at one time dreamed of.

Happiness Is the Biggest Achievement

The founding fathers of our country saw the “pursuit of happiness” as an inalienable right – so important they embedded it in the DNA of the United States of America, by writing it into the Preamble to the Constitution. It was a profoundly new idea at the time. With it, they set wheels in motion that have been turning ever since.

The Two Rules You Must Follow When Making New Year’s Resolutions, Or They Won’t Stick

Well, we’re about a month and a half into 2016. No doubt a number of you have made New Year’s Resolutions. But if you’re like most of us, 40% according to one report on new year’s resolutions, your resolution has already fallen by the wayside. Why is it so hard to make resolutions stick?

Money Is the Answer to Everything, Or Is It?

Money seems to be the answer to solve any problem. Almost. From the perspective of the richest man who ever lived, money has its time and place, but the real value and effectiveness of money is an issue of perspective – how we view money has everything to do with how money betters our life.

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