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How to Get Rich and Happy

We struggle every day to hang on to our money. Meanwhile, a team of very well trained and well paid advertising and marketing commandos is swooping in – to force us to let go. How do we defend? Luckily, we have two powerful weapons of our own.

Wealth is Just a Vehicle For What You’re Really Craving

You may be trying to attract wealth because you believe it will transform your life in many ways, but the money itself is not what you’re really after. This article shares an easy exercise to help you figure out what you really want, and explains why connecting with this true underlying desire can be the key to drawing wealth into your life.

Create a Rich Life by Living on Less

Learn how living on less money can actually help you create a rich life. A rich life is based on memories and milestones and not money and stuff.

Fun is Fundamental in Having a Rich Life

Creating a rich life is a life based on memories and milestones and not money and stuff. And, one of the fundamental elements to creating a rich life is having fun. Fun is fundamental.

Can We REALLY Create Our Own Reality?

In personal growth circles it is often said we can create our own reality – however how easy is it to create a reality that you WANT? Is it easy, or is it pie in the sky stuff.

One Thing Needed to Manifest Abundance

Manifesting abundance is the key to living a happy life. There’s one thing you must do before you can manifest abundance. What is it? It’s easier to know when you are ‘open’ to reading this article.

How to Win the Lottery With the Law of Attraction – The 3-Step Daily Process

This article shares a fun, easy 3-step process for attracting money through lottery wins. Using the law of attraction to win the lottery is really like manifesting any other goal, but sometimes it can be confusing knowing exactly what to do to get results. These three steps will get you off to a great start.

Fill Your Life With Abundance and Prosperity

You can have all the abundance and prosperity you desire! Discover how to be, do and have whatever you want whenever you want.

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