Affirmations to Be Loved, Wanted and Adored by Your Specific Person!

Manifesting Your Life In 21 Days

For the most part we live life carried by the wind and the currents of the ocean we call life. In other words we live in our present circumstances and react accordingly. For the most part we live by default, rather than by creation.

Attracting Abundance With A Few Simple Logical Steps

Most people think that the idea of attracting abundance with your conscious and subconscious minds is phony, won’t work, and not actually able to bring about prosperity into reality. However, with just a few simple, logical steps, you can begin creating abundance and achieve greater success in many areas of your life using this long-standing method.

Prosperity Consciousness: The Most Important Thing to Understand

Our every thought is actually a prayer – and what we are putting out, we are always getting back. A true prosperity consciousness requires that we monitor our words, our thoughts and our actions.

Above Or Below the Line – Where To Spend Your Life?

Most of us are average people. We’ll have our fair share of hopes fears and desires fulfilled. But if we can lift ourselves and live in a place where we’re always empowered, always positive and always loving to others our life will be richer and healthier. This is instead of living where most of us spend our time below-the-line or in emotional drama glue.

Prosper With “The Law of Gender-Gestation”?

My aspirations were as high as the noonday sun. I was quickly moving about digging holes for all of my newly purchased plants. It had been a good many years since I had grown a garden and this year I was going to grow some pumpkins for the kids. Just to think about it made me giddy; our own home grown pumpkins for Halloween… So what will we do next season or with the next investment? Will we dismiss the opportunity because last time it didn’t grow, or will we learn from our experience, increase our knowledge, and prosper because we were willing to try again?

Three Steps to Manifest Money Fast

If you are ready to obtain wealth fast, you need to learn how to manifest money fast. Contrary to the belief of every business man, you do not always need money to make money.

Attracting Abundance – 4 Key Points

The idea of creating abundance has become a popular topic, especially since the release of the book and movie “The Secret.” The basis of this idea is the “Law of Attraction.” This article discusses four key points to help in attracting abundance.

How Peace of Mind Can Help You Create Prosperity

There are so many things that get in the way of our experiencing prosperity in our lives, but the most important thing we can do is to develop a prosperity consciousness. By the time we get to midlife, we have a tendency to look too much to our past and sometimes it stops us from revealing our good.

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