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Church Tithing – How It Can Help You

A biblical concept that receives little fan fare or attention unless the church budget is running low or a building campaign is set to begin is that of tithing. The story is told of a young boy who was no longer wearing bow ties but now neckties like his father. He was proud of this but became quite panicked when he heard the minister make an announcement during the service.

Harvesting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In order for someone in my situation to make the mindset shift from employee thinking to being a business owner/entrepreneur, I had to change some things in my life that I was brought up thinking were normal. Having grown up in a typical Canadian household, with two working parents who ingrained excellent work ethics in me, I was always under the impression I’d become a great employee for some company. Throughout school, I achieved high grades, was my high school valedictorian, went on to university and have a degree in Nutrition and Food, yet I am not an employee for anyone. Did I do something wrong? No…I chose not to take the employee route and am going after the life I want to live, not the position I want to hold.

Earning Money Online Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

There are times in life where you have to get creative in order to earn money to provide for you and your family. Especially when the unemployment rates are up and companies are cutting back on spending. Many people who have found themselves unemployed are turning to part-time or even full-time jobs that they are overqualified for just to make ends meet for their family.

The Art Of Mental Release: A Strange Method For Manifesting What You Want

Have you ever wanted something to happen so intensely that you can’t think of anything else? Have you ever wanted to control your thoughts in a particular direction so strongly that you keep thinking of its opposite? It’s like… “don’t have negative thoughts, I must not have negative thoughts” and all the while your mind is focused on the negative? ave you ever found that the people who win in games of life and casino are the people who don’t really care if they win or not? Have you notice what states of desperation and clinging does to your consciousness? Why is it that when you want something desperately the most, that you can’t find it, but when you let it go and let it be, you actually get it? I will tell you what I think. If you think in terms of consciousness, we know that consciousness of abundance attracts more abundance.

Learn To Have An Abundance Mentality

Are you thinking from a lack mentality? Chances are good that you are, because most people in our world are operating in this way. This world is abundant and it can hurt your chances for success to believe anything different.

Are You Settling For Less When You Can Have More?

Too often many people have gone through life with regrets, wishing that they had taken more risk. There is such a vast supply of abundance around us, but we fail to take our share.

Want Or Don’t Want? Are You Good At Manifesting Your Reality?

Imagine if a you could just think of wanting a million dollars and in a few seconds it just materialized on a table in front of you. Wow! Fantastic! But, at the same time if you could do that then you could have a thought, a worry, a fear and within a few seconds A MONSTER would materialize and eat you for lunch!

Being Rich Is Within Reach

Poor, less fortunate, homeless, bankrupt, beggar, in need; the list can go on and on. But all of these words only mean one thing – poverty. And who doesn’t want to overcome this crisis? You will get rich,you will succeed if you make the choice to take action.

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