Alignment VS Vibration #shorts

Thoughts on Life and It’s Point

As civilization develops the strength of family ties recedes and with this the true meaning of our lives fades. This is why so many people struggle and search for a point to their existence.

Your Journey to Fame and Fortune Begins With Self-Knowledge

Ignorance is a cloud of unknowing; a less than adequate level of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual awareness, that prevents man from truly knowing himself, and thus keeps him blind to his great innate potentials and how to exploit them for his own greatest good. This article points the way to Self-Enlightenment. Please read on!

Want To Get Rich? If You Are Serious, Then You Should Follow This Piece Of Advice To Succeed

Anyone who has problems making ends meet will tell you that not having money stinks. “Money can’t buy happiness,” is what they say. Well, not being able to pay your bills certainly doesn’t buy it, either. For people who want to be rich, it can often seem like an uphill battle just to live month to month. But you can change all that and get rich – if you do this one thing to succeed.

How to Give and Receive?

The law of giving is one of the spiritual laws of prosperity and success. It can be called law to obtain, because giving and receiving are two sides of one process.

Making Money – An Accident Or Exclusive Club?

Tough economic times require a steely determination to survive and a good deal of guile when faced with a significant amount of debt and a dwindling salary. There are millions of people all over the world feeling some sort of financial squeeze and most are racking their brains for a solution to the problem of keeping their heads above financial water.

Present To Be Noticed

I had a very short time to get from one gate at the airport to another. I was intent, focused and clear about what I had to do. As I walked very quickly from gate to gate it appeared as if the pathway would open up before me making it easy to get there.

Seeing What Can’t Be Seen

I turned away from the bins of olives and sun dried tomatoes ready to put them into our shopping cart. As I placed them in the top part of the basket, I felt as if something about the cart was “off”, but since I couldn’t see what it was, I simply rearranged the items in the basket and got ready to move on to the next isle. It was then that I noticed that Del had a little smile on his face.

A Rule With No Exceptions

It was just a black kitten. But, for a moment, as I ran towards it in the dark dawn, I thought it was a big black dog coming towards me. With apologies to all dogs, in that moment my body reacted in fear as I thought it was a dog prowling the streets and I didn’t know how it would react to me.

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