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5 Money Principles to Boost Your Income

Most of us want more money, but so many of us just feel stuck in a financial rut, like we’re going nowhere and nothing we do seems to make any difference. The good news is that if you are feeling financially blocked, it’s probably because you’re overlooking some of the principles of wealth and prosperity.

Biblical Keys to Success and Christian Prosperity

Christian prosperity is far more than finances, it is experiencing complete contentment and enjoyment of everyday life. God’s children have been historically prosperous and we are joint-heirs with Christ.

Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Start Living Them

Have you been a victim of day dreaming? Everyone has. We all have a dream of a life we consider to be perfect. Having the perfect home, the perfect lifestyle, being able to travel the world, these are all lifestyle dreams we all have. To many, they seem as just that, a pipe-dream.

Participate in Abundance, Not Recession!

You’ve probably heard this many times before; maybe you’ve even spoken these words to a friend or family member. What I’ve noticed lately is that the people who are thriving right now – yes, there are people who are thriving! – are actually living these words. Rather than spending time “staring” at the closed doors, they’re seeking out the open ones and walking right through them!

Money Tight? What to Do When Life Kicks Your Butt

To change your consciousness about prosperity, you must change your internal dialogue. You must first have prosperous thoughts and then your outer world will reflect that. You do not first start with a full bank account and then feel prosperous because of it.

Are You Earning What You’re Really Worth? Stop! The #1 Secret For Accelerating Abundance In Life

Let’s talk about you. Are you truly earning what you are worth? Are you truly happy, content and fulfilled with what you are doing?

Seize Abundant Rich Living Yet? How to Maximize the Ruling Force That Manifests Prosperity!

Have you set your own trap in life? Are you, like many others, overlooking a powerful force that has the ability to manifest prosperity or hold you in poverty? Find out how to maximize this force and begin to seize abundant rich living!

The Scarcity Principle Verses The Abundance Principle

The scarcity principle and the abundance principle operate side by side in our world and it’s up to us to choose which principle to live by. In a society that prides itself on free enterprise and individual opportunity, it is unfortunate that so many lives are governed by the scarcity principle.

How Your Inner “Ooga Booga” Could Be Getting You in Trouble

Many parts of our limbic system, (which controls our hormones, appetite, sexual drives emotional responses and a whole lot more) operate from very ancient parts of the brain. So even as martini-swilling sophisticated we think we are, we still have deep unconscious drives that propel us into behavior and experiences that come right out of the Stone Age… Oooga Boooga!

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