Are You Having Recurring Bad Dreams / Why And What To Do / Explained

Mental Persistence and Prosperity

In terms of being successful, the hardest work you will ever do is the mental detox that purges the negative thought patters and behaviors. You can have whatever you truly want if you get your mind right.

Seven Characteristics of Evolved People

One way to define evolve is “to develop into something more complex or advanced”. When it comes to evolved people the seven characteristics below, while not meant to be complete, would seem to be indicative of someone who is advanced. While they may seem simple in nature this doesn’t mean they are easy to achieve all the time. How many of these define you?

Seven Biblical Traits of the Extremely Rich and Wealthy

There are, in the word of God, traits that I have found to be common amongst those blessed by God with great wealth. This article summarises seven of the attributes I have found most striking in the Bible.

Understanding What Abundance Means to You

We all want to succeed. We all want the most out of life. It’s human nature. None of us want to fall short of our potential or to struggle with life any more than what’s necessary. We all share a similar goal: We want to experience real abundance in your lives.

Manifesting Wealth – Does Positive Thinking Work?

The idea of ‘manifesting wealth’ has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is not, as some people believe, about visualising a big house and a Ferrari and the Universe magicking it into existence for you. No amount of positive thinking is going to make you rich if you are unwilling to take some action to change your life. But there are good, solid psychological reasons why the principals behind manifesting abundance really work.

Investigate Carefully Before Jumping at That Jackpot Offer

Have you ever gotten a call or received an email telling you that you have won a holiday to one of the most coveted destinations? If you have not, then you most likely have heard of a friend or a friend to a friend who has gotten such an invitation. That is how common this scam is.

Best Personal Development Books – Your Ultimate Guide

To attain a happier life, a wealthier life and be loved and give love seems to be what we humans strive for. One can achieve anything in life by trial and error or learn by experience. The alternative is faster that is learn from someone who has already made the journey.

Putting Spirit Into Wealth

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not? Even if they are in the same field? For example, let’s just take investors. I know of loads of investors who are marginally successful. Yet there are people like Warren Buffett, Phil Town, Courtney Smith and others who are superstars in their field. They are in the same field and wildly successful How about in your industry? How about you?

Is Your Mission to Live on Purpose?

Ready to live without regrets? Find out how to discover your life purpose. Tips on how to transform you life from mediocrity to a wealthier lifestyle that you so much long for. Secrets to start living a blissful life!

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