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Keys to Manifesting Abundance – Receive

If you are interested in manifesting abundance in any area of your life, it’s important to be aware of certain qualities or attitudes you need to be able create the way you want. In order to manifest abundance you need to be willing to receive what is offered to you. Are you able to receive?

Manifesting Through Effective Prayer

Effective prayer is prayer that brings about the desired results from God according to his word. Have you been praying for things, answers, provisions, healing, restoration, resolutions, intervention, and not experiencing the results you hoped for?

Think Yourself Rich – Did Abba Know About Think Yourself Rich When They Wrote ‘I Have a Dream’?

Song lyrics are very powerful visualization tools, especially if the melody also appeals because you can recall the vision every time the melody pops into your head. In this article I suggest that the meaning of the words ‘I Have a Dream’ by Abba were not lost in the translation to the English language.

Three Steps to Manifest More Abundance

When trying to attract better circumstances, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s easier to attract a brand-new condition than it is to fix or remake something that already exists. The circumstances of your life are here because of your past thoughts and beliefs, and you cannot change the things you thought and believed in the past.

Making Room For Miracles (Part 3 – Wishing Others Well)

The practice of wishing lovingkindness to ourselves and to others increases our own feelings of deservability and allows us to acknowledge goodness in those around us, even those we don’t know. This acknowledgment of goodness then leads to the reciprocation of compassion and our wish for others literally comes back to bless us.

The Parable of the Twelve Missing Smokies

Last night Felix ate our supper. He quietly consumed all twelve smokies while we busily did other tasks.

Your Parachute is Your Segue Between Passion and Profit

How is being your own boss the same as parachuting? What business success lessons can be gleaned from parachuting? Through three common business scenarios, you will learn how your parachute is your metaphorical segue between passion and profit.

Making Room For Miracles (Part 4 – Focusing on the Good Stuff)

In today’s technological world, there are stimuli coming at us from all directions. When we are rushing around, hour after hour, day after day, paying only partial attention, the parts of our brains required for focusing actually begin to atrophy and our working memory lessens. The good news is that the ability to focus our thoughts is a faculty that can be stimulated, increased, and enhanced through beneficial brain exercises.

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