Best of Three Worlds Podcast EP. 1 – The Name & How to Manifest When You Feel Negative

When Are You Going To Make a Decision to Change Your Life?

Are you happy with your life just the way it is? Do you enjoy or get satisfaction from your job or career? Do you have a satisfactory relationship or do you have a relationship at all? Are you following your dreams or have you given up dreaming? You can have it all you know. It is simply a matter of attracting it.

Learn How to Use Visualization in Manifesting Abundance

There is an old saying that to see is to believe. There is also another adage which states that one has to believe in order to achieve. These two maxims could not possibly be any truer. These wise proverbs relate to manifesting abundance in our daily lives.

8 Daily Disciplines To Gain Wealth

Every day counts! Every day is a day to make money and/or increase your investments. Here are 8 disciplines in gaining wealth you can do every day. More than half the battle is mindset – believing you can gain wealth over time. The other half of the battle is the daily discipline of shifting your actions into investing rather than consuming.

EFT and Attracting Abundance

A bird’s-eye view of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and what it can do to help you attract abundance in your life. Also explained are the tapping points you must tap to clear out whatever negative emotion that you want to get rid of.

The Keys

As I stand at my window I am thinking how easily amidst the endless details and problems of daily life we forget that Love is all there Is and I wish I knew how to help stop us from forgetting. As I think on this I reach into my fanny pack that I wear for running to pull out my hat. Without any reason to do so I also reach into the zipper pocket and pull out a set of keys.

Failure, Myth or Reality?

If you realize that there is not any probability of failure in this life, you will realize that it does not matter how big your dream is, you can make it a reality. Failure is only possible when you give up. If you do not give up, if you are persistent in your dreams, you are invincible.

Do You Ask For Help? Learn to, It Could Change Your Life

Asking for help for many of us can be difficult. What happens if you get a rejection or a NO? A NO may not be what you think it is. A NO could be a MAYBE. And a MAYBE could well be a yes in disguise.

What Are You Working For, A Job Or A Business?

A job was created to be “worked in” (physical engagement) and not to be “worked on” (mental engagement). A job is like a car; you’ve got to be in it before you can drive it. Your physical engagement will always be a requirement. There’s no other way to having a job than to “work in” one. You can never be free from what you “work in” (job), you can only be free from what you “work on” (business). The former (job) requires all your time, while the later requires some of your time. You do a job, but you build a business. You engage in a job, but you create a business. You are inside one doing all the work (job), but on top of the other calling all the shots (business). A job requires your presence to make money; a business depends on asset to generate income. A job gives you money (active income); a business makes you wealth (passive income). The difference is TIME.

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