Dance – A Poem by Sadhguru from Eternal Echoes #Shorts

You Must Be Hungry And Thirsty For Jesus

God wants His people to prosper because, the more they prosper the more they can help people and be a blessing to God’s kingdom work. God’s way is for you to enjoy life, have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows. But to achieve this God’s way you must be hungry and thirsty for Jesus.

Being Ready To Receive

Napoleon Hill said: There is a difference between WISHING for a thing and being READY to receive it. Every time I’ve heard these words I thought wow not only does that sound like truth but I’ve come to learn that these words have a tremendous amount of power within them.

Abundance – Manifestation Force

My siblings, friends and I are becoming elders and there is a real concern among us about being able to manage life on social security income. Without a miracle how will we be able to keep our homes and lifestyles? Many of us have negative pictures and fears playing like continual mind videos constantly reminding us of our vulnerabilities and feeding our fears.

The Secret to Finding Wealth

Learn how to find the wealth you have been looking for. If you have been trying for years to achieve abundance, finally get some answers as to how to make it happen. Finally get ideas on how to take control of your destiny and design a better life for yourself.

AA Battery’s Glory Comes When It Shares With the World

The power and the glory are locked inside the battery. Only when it releases that power into the world will it see its glory.

Rich Without Realizing It

Did you know you are, right now, rich beyond your wildest dreams? You are. Here’s why. The wealth of internal and eternal happiness begets greater wealth of all kinds.

Making The Most Out of Your Life Now

There is a difference between living a long life and having a life that is worth living. We need to wake up and start living life on our own terms or else we will be living on someone else’s.

A Vision of Wealth

We hear a lot about income inequality these days. There are people who complain about the wealthy making too much money. Although, we would all like to have a certain level of wealth, being upset about someone’s wealth that has been earned through hard work and ingenuity is a waste of time. there are some very specific actions that must be taken to increase your personal wealth, but for this article we will discuss a “vision of wealth”, as one of the main actions to be taken.

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