Day 2: Manifest Anything You Want with God State! (Neville Goddard)

Tithing – To Pay Or Not To Pay

The practice of tithing is usually associated with a religious doctrine and so is the source of some controversy. Different Christian churches argue for and against whether we should or should not be obliged to pay tithes depending on their interpretation of scriptures.

Financial Freedom? What’s the Deciding Factor?

Knowing how to get rich is not going to be enough on your quest for financial freedom. There are many factors which will come into play. It will require you to be intelligent, creative, and highly motivated. You will have to learn new skills and be highly observant of to see future potential.

This Is the Season For Being Grateful

Gratitude is a very important part of attracting. I recommend to all my clients that they start a gratitude journal and enter at least ten things everyday that they are grateful for and then add to that what they want to attract. This has the effect of raising your vibrational level and puts you higher on the emotional scale, making your attraction that much stronger.

So Totally You

There is an old butterfly story that goes like this: Three caterpillars watched as a butterfly soared above them. One said, “Just look at that fellow giving himself airs!” The second said, “How I would like to be able to fly like that.

See How Easily You Can Develop Financial Discipline

Fiscal Discipline is extremely important when we’re looking to manifest more money into our life. If you’re one of those that are still having that hurdle of manifesting more money into your life you need to look at clarity and fiscal discipline, this is the article for you!

Have More Fun in Life and Enjoy Life More

With so much you must do it is sometimes hard to have fun. Fun is a way to relax, relieve stress, and maintain balance in life. As a child it is easier to have fun. As an adult, fun is less of a priority instead you thing about responsibilities and doing the things you feel you should.

There Is Plenty Of Room

The dawn chorus of birds singing of their freedom and the beauty of a new day has begun outside my window. It fills the space with the songs of celebration of loving life. The trees are completely leafed out spreading out as far as they can reach, and the stream flows freely.

Staying Healthy to Feel Good – A Requirement in Manifesting Your Desires

Know why staying healthy is a key factor in manifesting your desires. Provided are tips and revealing information about things that keep you from staying healthy and how to get rid of them.

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