Day 4: Affirmations to Get into the God State & Manifest Anything Instantly!

The Law of Attraction Is a Powerful Force When Used Properly

The law of attraction is a powerful force when used properly. However, when used improperly, it is nothing but a huge disappointment and leaves you feeling even worse than you did before you attempted to use it. Like any new subject, in order to become proficient at using the law of attraction, one must practice over and over until they can readily admit to themselves that they are ready and fully understand the concept.

Number 1 Tip for Using The Law of Attraction

I believe that too many people are suffering today because of the few who have chosen to exploit the many, and would prefer the rest of us to remain in ignorance while they bathe in opulence and wealth. There is, however, a way for the rest of us to live abundant and prosperous lives without having to exploit anyone. We can do this by using The Law of Attraction. Yes, that great power that resides within us and has lain dormant in 99.9% of us for who knows how long. We only need awaken it and ask for that which we desire and it shall bring it to us; the clues to this power are all around you. Look at this quote from the bible.

Love and Its Power

Love is a powerful emotion isn’t it? When one is in love, they will do anything to continue feeling that way, even die as has been shown countless times throughout our short span on this planet. When one is feeling that sunny, delightful emotion, nothing and no-one stands in their way and that’s why many of us spend our entire lives searching for a “true” love that makes us whole and fulfilled. Where does this love come from and why is it that we only seem to be capable of feeling the really intense love for others, and not ourselves or this magical planet we live on? I believe we are beings of love who have chosen to come here to experience joy, abundance and plenty. Yes, it is true that there is just as much pain and suffering in this world; but just think it over and you will see that without pain and suffering, we would not know of joy and love for without one, the other cannot exist.

Does The Law of Attraction Work? Yes! And Here’s How

A common question indeed, “Does the law of attraction work?” YES, it does work! I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that it does, although it didn’t just work overnight. It took me a long time to get to grips with this strange concept and that was mostly down to the doubts I had right from the very beginning. I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was being foolish, by thinking that merely thinking and faking feeling would bring my desires to me. In the end, though, I began to get what I wanted, because I immersed myself in anything to do with The Law of Attraction, be it books, audio books or videos.

Where Is The Hope?

Most people see hope in an unrealistic way I believe. I know as a younger man I certainly did. In fact, especially as a child I was deluded by hope. But as I grew into my twenties, I began to sense that while my life was a lot of fun, a quality of desperation was beginning to set in and work and life were becoming harder and less fulfilling.

The Secret to Instant Manifestation

The potential for instant manifestation exists in every moment. But unfortunately, most people stop short of claiming the good stuff. Why? Because, although the way is simple – easy, even it is usually also… uncomfortable. (Sometimes really uncomfortable.) Learn the truly simple secret to instant manifestation in this article.

Simple Laws of Self Improvement

What are the law of abundance, prosperity and reciprocation? Bob Proctor, author of “You were born rich” who has featured in the “secret” attributes our very state of mind to be what contributes fundamentally to ones success while also giving us tips on the power of reciprocation. By incorporating the teachings and understanding of the quantum law, we can easily see how the average person can get to grips with this fundamental knowledge of the power and greatness that is in the reaching grasp of everyone, and how it can be turned into a reality.

How To Use Visualization To Gain Abundance and Prosperity

How can one utilize the powers of visualization to gain abundance and prosperity you may ask? Whether you have tried it before or do not know where to start from, it is a method that has been used by many successful and ambitious people over hundreds of years as a technique through which one can achieve one’s goals and dreams. This is not to say or imply that on its own it will automatically result in success. great effort is also required to accomplish these set goals. One cannot simply expect a blue-print to just get up and become a real life standing house by simply appearing out of thin air? No! Something has to be put in for something to come out.

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