Decade of Action | Sadhguru & Isha in 2010-2020

More Money in Your Life

Most people would love to create more money in their life, especially in our present economic difficulties. Yet the universe has much abundance for everyone, so all we need do is tap into the energy of that flow. You may already know this but keep finding yourself short of the money you wish to have. I learned how to use tapping – EFT – to help create a different internal framework for my thoughts, which is helping me change my inner dialect and therefore create more abundant outcomes. Money is energy and is created from what you feel inside; your money is a direct reflection of what you believe. The article shares how to create the money flow you really want.

The Secret of Egregores Has Power to Bring You Unlimited Success and to Create Your Desired Reality

Your outer or physical reality is constantly being created and shaped by consensual agreement or collective thought-forms which are more accurately identified as egregores by those who possess this ancient, universal knowledge. The hidden elite have long used these etheric/astral helpers to amass great wealth and gain control of the masses. Understand how to generate, use and control these unseen energy-entities and you will be well on your way towards achieving your desires and breaking free of the invisible reality prison which has been popularly called the matrix.

How You Can Get The Millionaire Mindset And The Success You Want

Do you know what the secret of the most successful people in the world is? It’s their mindset. Learn how you can develop a mindset of success that will attract wealth and good fortune to you, allowing you to create the success you’ve always wanted. Finally, you can smash through the blocks that have been holding you back from wealth and success.

Rise Up

Rise up today and claim your true worth. Step out of the shadows and shine your true light.

How To Turn Losing Your Job Into a “Winning” Career

What is the secret to choosing a new career? And how do you know that it will bring you any financial security? Put the principle “flow” to work for you.

Abundance Starts With Your Mindset

Kids are like sponges. They soak up information all around them-from their parents, their friends, their teachers, and anything they see on television, in stores, online… you name it. Add to this the inquisitive nature of young minds, and you’re building quite the arsenal of knowledge, experience, ideas, and more.

Developing Capable Mastery Skills

Developing Capable Mastery Skills Aptitude we all possess include social skills, decision-making, interpersonal, communication, creative, critical, coping aptitude; observation, survival, and leader/ life skills. We also have empathy, emotional intelligence. Everyone shares the same abilities on different levels, but few are on the ESP or HSP level.

A Life of Abundance Starts Now

Wealth has everything to do with attitude and gratitude. You can be wealthy – RIGHT NOW. Notice all that brings you joy. The more you dwell on the good, the more good you will find in your everyday life. A life of wealth falls into place.

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