Did Your Enemies Do It Or Did you Do It To Yourself? Law of Attraction

Stop Whining! Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

By changing your thoughts, you can change your life, it really is just as simple as that. Stop whining about bad things that happen to you. Start focusing on the good things in life, rather than how bad things are and success can be yours in life and business.

Visualization Technique – Be a Money Magnet

Visualization technique can actually help you be a money magnet or anything you want. It can help you achieve any goal, like money, job, house or even a parking space you really needed immediately at the time! Your thoughts can be very powerful. All you have to do is to concentrate on what you want and visualize it.

Have You Yet Figured Out Who is Holding You Back? – Surprise, It’s You

Walt Kelly [the great cartoonist/journalist] coined the phrase, “we have met the enemy and it is us,” years ago when lamenting through his cartoon the harm being done to the environment by litterers, chiefly — us. Up until that point, the complainers of the environment being harmed were probably thought to be some outsider intent on destroying the universe through thrashing the earth out. Surprise it’s us.

Do You Really Understand Money?

What is important in getting something is understanding what it is. If you do not understand something, it is impossible to get it other than by luck, and luck is too unreliable to base your life on. You must understand money and what it can give you. Money does not only give you the things you can buy, or the freedom to not need to work, there is something far more subtle than any of these external things. Understanding this subtle essence that money provides will ignite the fire of passion in you towards attaining your goal.

How to Develop a Prosperity Mindset

Would you believe me if I had to tell you that by developing the correct prosperity mindset you will be able to make a great difference to how quickly you can obtain financial freedom? It is in my opinion your prosperity mindset and self belief which will fuel your drive to achieve your ultimate goals in life including your financial freedom.

How to Attract More Abundance

We live in a world where there is always more than enough. We just really need to tune into this reality to experience on a daily basis. This post will go through that to attract more of this good stuff in your life.

Manifesting Abundance – Is Your Mindset Helping You Or Hurting You?

Manifesting abundance is one of the goals many people have when they use the Universal laws and principles of reality creation, yet many people are quite unaware of the role one’s mindset plays in the whole process. Read below about an ancient parable and how that relates to the importance of mindset in manifesting abundance in your life.

Manifesting Abundance – Are You STILL Having Problems Letting Go?

People are become very confused when they’re told that using the laws and principles of reality creation for manifesting abundance involves “letting go” of the outcome. Not only do they misunderstand the concept but they also misunderstand how to do it. Here’s an illustration that should help make “letting go” A LOT easier.

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