Do This To Start 2022 Off Right Using The Law of Attraction

Is it Wrong For a Christian to Be Wealthy?

It appears many Christians believe it is wrong to be wealthy and a sin to seek after riches. They will readily produce Bible verses to support this belief. Does God want us to be poor?

Money and The Law of Attraction – The Only Real Meaning of Money and Wealth!

Let us try & understand what wealth truly means. Wealth is basically abundance, and abundance is the opposite of lack. A popular misconception of being wealthy is being financially rich and that is only a part of being truly wealthy. The first step to having wealth is to know what wealth actually is.

Making the Distinction Between Form and Function

When we make distinctions, we make power, our power of choice! Find out how we can do this.

How to Increase Your Productivity In the Year 2010 and Beyond

Most successful men, either in business or politics have that secret on how to be. Do you want to know what they are?

Step 1 of a New You – So Why a Media Fast?

Want to feel more upbeat and positive without taking any pills? There is a simple process to go from tired, worn out, negative to full of energy, upbeat, and positive. Anyone can do it!

Unconscious Use of the Law of Attraction

We went to London by train a few Saturdays ago, a rare occurrence for me. We had a great time at a seminar in Earls Court but my, wasn’t the tube crowded on the way to Kings Cross. Do people really choose to live this way? Amazing…

Three Key Facets of Abundance Attraction

When it comes to manifesting greater abundance in your life, there are three key areas you should pay close attention to. First is learning to train our minds to focus on abundance instead of lack. Second, taking the right actions to attract abundance into our lives is important. And third is to rethink your perception of wealth.

Is Materialism the Road to Spirituality?

For centuries we have struggled with the forces of these two strongly opposed issues. Many people find themselves vacillating from one to the other searching for the proper balance, often feeling guilty when prioritizing the material and like they aren’t doing more on the spiritual. You are spiritually out of touch when you are materially out of touch and you are materially out of touch when you are spiritually out of touch. Bringing in material balance allows one the space to focus on the spiritual.

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