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How to Combat Negativity – Activating Your “Psychic Armor”

Anytime you are confronted with Negativity, whether its internal or external, it has the ability to derail you highest intentions by creating obstacles to your well-being and peace of mind. When you understand you have the ability to shift that through the simple act of self-protection, it has the ability to transform anything that comes into your experience.

The Law of Attraction: Potential Equals Fuel

How do I improve the results I achieve using the Law of Attraction? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, are you creating more positive energy than you are creating negative?

How to Be Successful in Life Without Hurting Others

Don’t we just hate the guy that learns how to be successful in life by shooting others down? We’d like to think that they’ll get their karma, and I believe they will. Because the people who really learn how to be successful in life know that when you learn how to help others, you help yourself. And, since I’m committed to helping you, I’ve outlined here three steps to help you learn how to be successful in life…

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Money

Whether we like it or not, we do have a relationship with our money. A relationship which may bring joy or tears,and it is a relationship for life. The reason this is a relationship is you spend the whole day thinking about it, you touch it, you hide it in your account and yes you even part with it reluctantly. So just like the normal relationships with human beings, this particular one must be handled with care and diligence using the following tips:

Attracting More Satisfying Relationships With the Law of Attraction

As long as the Law of Attraction has only the ‘DON’T want’ script, it is restricted to orchestrating that script over and over. We must give the Law of Attraction some NEW MATERIAL to work with. What do you really want in your relationships?

Your Impact Is Huge

Personal transformation is not selfish. It is not egotistical or self-centered to want to be the best person you can be. It is when people feel “less than” that they feel the need to prove their point, strike out, cause strife, hurt people. Those feelings are, obviously, evidence of the amount of pain someone is in.

My Personal Daily Abundance Entrainment Process

I was thinking to write about my daily step-by-step process which I do as thoroughly as I can to achieve optimum results and achieve a life of ‘perfection’! Where do we start? Well I guess in the morning right?

The Keys to Your Inner Power

The Law of Attraction has been discussed and evaluated and it is said by using the law of attraction, you attract anything! Money, relationships, good health and so on; however I have seen that this only works for maybe 10% of the users. This is by doing the following: Affirmations, visualizations, being positive but this unfortunately is not for everyone.

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