Does Skin Color Impact Spiritual Growth? | Sadhguru

The Power of Intention: An Inspirational Tony Robbins Motivational Story

This true motivational Tony Robbins story of a Holocaust victim reveals how the power of intention can work no matter what your circumstance. He had only one thing in mind – “I have to find a way out of here”… And he began to focus. Here’s how he did it…

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur? Personal Story of a Natural Born Entrepreneur

As I watched my daughter grow into a successful entrepreneur who now makes all her income from internet marketing at the age of 28, I just had to ask myself, “What makes a good entrepreneur?” This is the story of how I believe her attitudes dictated her success…

Don’t Make Friends With It!

We all worry, but truly, what has worry ever done for us? It seems to me that it only holds us back and make us sad.

Improve Your Health Through Positive Thinking

This article is about how positive thinking can shift many things for you in your life. You health, wealth and relationships.

That Morning Alarm Clock

That alarm buzzing on your head. Telling you to wake up and smell the coffee! It’s time to go to work!

Eliminate Financial Pressure For Good

How could someone could get a loan, or win the lotto, or inherit a large sum of money, but then be right back in the exact same financial place just six months later? Even though our physical situation changed, the financial pressure was not eliminated. Here are the reasons why we have not yet achieved the financial prosperity that we thoroughly desire.

How Do Wealthy People Think? Learning to Rid Your Head of Mind Viruses

How do Wealthy People Think? Have you ever wondered why success seems so much easier for some people than others? Do you ever feel like the successful people are “over there”… and you’re “over here”?

How to Get What You Really Want: The Four “Really” Steps for Manifesting Reality

Manifesting things into your life has to do with four stages that you need to accept before you can learn how to get what you really want in life. Based on the teachings on Wayne Dyer, I’ve outlined them in this article…

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