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Do You Ever Think About Your Internal Relationship to Money?

I was deep in a visualization about my relationship to money, and what I discovered astounded me. Using a metaphor of my ‘money chamber’, I went down into the ‘room’ where I could explore what my relationship to money meant to my subconscious.

The Real Secrets of Success

Success is a hot topic. Everyone seems to be searching for someway to be more successful. By that I mean it seems everyone wants to be wealthy, enjoy physical health, have loving relationships. There is a way to create success. Don’t leave it up to luck.

The Psychology of Happiness: Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness

The psychology of happiness and wealth really has more to do with how you communicate with yourself than any outside force. Five keys to wealth and happiness, listed here, as described by Tony Robbins…

Abundance Flows To And Through You

There is an abundance of everything; and all we need do is invite the abundance of all the things we desire into our lives by placing our attention on it. By doing so we allow ourselves the opportunities to see that abundance when it comes into our awareness; which in turn gives us the chance to act or receive it. For so many people this idea will be a load of hogwash; without any real alternate perspectives and definitely without having given this perspective their complete attention they will reject it.

When You Feel Stuck, Let Go

It is the paradox of manifestation – You must let go of something in order to get it. This may mean stepping away from a desire for a few minutes, hours, weeks, or simply altogether. When we try to force something to happen and it feels like it’s just not going anywhere, we are not in the flow and in fact are resisting our current and its ability to take us to our desire. What you want to do instead is get into the space of believing you already have whatever it is you are wanting. This article addresses how to do that.

Why Do I Have Money Problems?

The number one reason anyone has money struggles is due to interference patterns. What are interference patterns? They are programs in our mind that cause our DNA to run in reverse, such as beliefs of undeservedness, unworthiness, blame, lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness.

Are You Paying Attention to the Wealth in All Areas of Life?

Our lives can move smoothly through different obstacles with ease and flow, just like river water moves around and over rocks. We need to pay attention to FOUR areas of life and make sure that we have tuned all of them. When we are deficit in any of the four areas of a wealthy life then, like a spinning top, our lives feel out of balance and it shows up in constant unhappiness.

Look For A Lesson

Many times we see events that occur in our lives as something bad; a cross for us to endure, but they often contain something very valuable; a lesson. But do we take the time to see it?

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