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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

The phone call came in last Friday night while he was at the gym (he was on the elliptical machine). He was told “I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that not only did you win the $200 raffle – you won BOTH raffles – $400 total. The bad news is you can only win once.”

How to Improve Visualization

What are the steps to successful creative visualization? How can I make visualization work for me? Before I answer these questions, we have to know what visualization is. Visualization is a technique that is used to overcome the barriers that we place on ourselves. It is a tool that will help us achieve our goals in life.

Double Your Productivity: 7 Secrets

You can double your productivity if you wish that to happen. Here are 7 secrets to be able to accomplish that.

Secret 6 for Raising Your Wealth, Prosperity and Money Consciousness!

How many times do you stop yourself from feeling good because you think you need to barter with yourself? A treat after you win a project, get a new client, get the pay rise? Money and love are the same energy and if we with hold love to ourselves we are blocking our own money flow. Feeling good NOW is important and necessary for abundance, this article will reveal why to you!

How to Deal With Someone Who Is Not Happy For You

The sad truth is that sometimes we do not always have people around us who are happy for us when things go well. Sometimes it could be jealousy, sometimes they are just in a bad mood, and sometimes they even see things we may not and are trying to look out for our best interest. This can be challenging but there are good ways of approaching these situations.

Ways to Help Others Feel Happy

We all want happiness but we don’t always know how to get there. There are techniques to help you become happy, but sometimes the best way to help with your own happiness is to help someone else feel happy as well.

The Power Of Giving – You Get Back More Than You Could Imagine

If you put yourself into a state of acceptance all sorts of things can come into your life. The power of giving, without expectation of return, is that you will get repaid in some fashion in a many-fold manner.

How to Make Yourself Happy – You Can Do It! Follow These Suggestions

How many of you want more happiness in your life? Of course you do, everyone does. The great news is you can bring more happiness into your life with some very simple steps. Follow these and feel the happiness flow.

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