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Create Momentum in 3 Minutes Flat

It’s common to experience fulfillment in some areas of your life while feeling like you’re backpedaling in another area. Have no fear, if you want to move forward in that one area. Here’s something you can do right now. Seize the moment! It’ll only take about one minute longer than it takes for you to read this article.

Say Yes to Your Power and Your Joy

Saying ‘Yes!’ to standing in your power is an affirmation and celebration of life. So, let’s explore how to use ‘Yes’ in ways that both ground you and expand your potential.

What Is “Prosperity” Thinking and How Do I Think That Way?

In my years of study, learning and working in personal growth and development, psychology, counseling and coaching, there are a few concepts that come to the top to help you shift your thinking to a more prosperous mind. The value of this is not only positive to your mood and inner wellbeing but affects you physically and ripples into the rest of your life.

Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind

We all carry around beliefs and ideas which don’t help us in creating the lives we truly want and deserve. By reprogramming our subconscious mind, we can shift some internal blocks to achievement and happiness which would otherwise stand in our way.

Taking Yourself To The Next Level In Prosperity And Success

If you’re in that point in your life where you just want to be better – greater money situation and enhanced abundance, then we have a bit of ground to cover. We are not trying to push for anything unrealistic here – all we are doing is gaining traction so that we can easily reach the next level for us; whatever that may mean for your personal situation.

Are You Trapped and Stretched by the American Dream?

We Americans have totally bought into it. We’ve said yes to it, again and again. We’ve even convinced ourselves that we can control the usage of it. Yet, we expand our usage of it each and every day. What is it? The Debt Trap!

Developing Your Financial Life And Understanding Of Money For The Long Haul

It’s no secret that when you’re financial life is going well life just feels right. This can happen in fleeting moments where you know the bills are paid and you have a nice sum left over for whatever you want – it’s a pretty good feeling to have.

Message From the Universe: What Happens After Your Dreams Come True?

How about using a little bit of your imagination in regards to this question. Do you feel the chills yet? Do you sense the greatness behind making your dreams come true? What is going on in your mind at that point?

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