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Everybody Wants to Be a Millionaire

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)” is a bible verse we are all too familiar with. We are always renewing our minds, but are we changing the way we think and feel about money? We’ve become addicted to easy ways to accomplish our dreams.

The Challenge and the Comfort

The Challenge and the Comfort, two choices that you are offered each day. Some take the Comfort and never face the Challenge. Yet those that choose the Challenge find themselves more engaged and less disassociated.

Step Forward

If you want to move forward in life then you have to take that first step. If you just stand there you’re going nowhere.

Action Steps to Create Abundance

Are You Working For Or Against Yourself? It has been my observation that creating abundance in one’s life is intimately tied to one’s self-esteem. If an individual suffers from low self-esteem, abundance suffers in direct proportion.

Back to Basics – Your Thoughts Determine Your World

It is written, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will move mountains and nothing will be impossible for you. It is also written, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. What is not written is, faith is a five-letter word that is often spelled W-O-R-K.

6 Attitudes to Become Prosperous Easily

What we think, what we focus on, becomes a reality. The world around us is a reflection of our thoughts. So it’s not surprise then, that the lenses we use to build the world that is around us, will determine if you are able to become rich or not. See yourself as a Rich person To become rich in money, you have to be a rich person. Rich in knowledge, rich in experience, rich in social skills. Give First! When you see yourself as having an abundance of different things, like love and money, you start by giving before thinking of receiving. Feel thankful for what you have at the moment There’s a bunch of stuff you don’t have of course. However, there’s so much you have this moment that you should be thankful for. Visualize yourself and your lifestyle winning the amount of money you want. Eliminate Negative Relationship in your mind about Money. Have courage to overcome your Fears. Remember, money is but a tool to achieve your goals and get what you desire… it is not an end in itself.

Desire Outwits Mother Nature – Listen To That Itch To Do What You Love

Have you noticed, that when we really like what we’re doing, we do it so much better? A child can be a master at video games, but fail in science – why does this happen? He’s learning the information in school, everything is given to him. Then why is he failing? He didn’t know how to play the video game when he first bought it; he had to learn how to do that too. Then why did he get so good at it?

Getting Small: Concentrate

Have you ever heard people say, “It’s the little things”? It’s meant to be about embracing a simplistic non-materialistic lifestyle and about noticing the little things, but most people don’t get it. Not really. They pay lip-service to this bit of sage advice.

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