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Is Economic Stratification Stopping You From Succeeding – Are You Being Defined Incorrectly?

Why is it that there is an assumption due to economic stratification defining whether an individual will or will not succeed in business? There are so many success stories of people all over the world becoming successful and succeeding even when they have started with nothing and came from very low socio economic backgrounds.

Abundance and Your Wealth

Everywhere I look of late abundance hits me in the face. I am very happy about it, as it means I notice the abundance in my life. It wasn’t always like this however, I used to sometimes wonder, how can I be living in the lucky country and not have this or not have that…

The Epitome of Perfection in MLM

In this generation we are looking to get it all right all the time, but our obsession with the epitome of perfection in MLM and our everyday lives is getting out of control. Success in any industry is about learning, failing and correcting, without this process in your journey you will spend a lot of years in anguish. You will need to address your obsession with perfection at the beginning of your career if you are to succeed in the industry.

Why Not Give It a Go?

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Sometimes you just have to say to yourself “Let’s try it!”

The Two Golden Rules Of Wealth Building

Nobody likes to lose money. However, when we apply actual numbers, you might be surprised with the findings and just how detrimental it can be to lose money. Find out how detrimental it can be, as we discuss the two golden rules to building wealth.

Getting The Life You Really Desire To Live

Energy is all there is. Learning to work with it to bring about the experiences you desire takes practice and attention. The reward is well worth it though. As you move into this new way of thinking, speaking and living, life shows up the way you want it. It may not all happen over night, but it will happen. You do have the power available to you in this very moment to bring into form the exact experiences you desire. By staying in the energy you wish to experience you guarantee that as your next reality.

Some Ingredients Of Success

ACTION – As the boat was sinking, the captain lifted his voice to ask: “Does anybody know how to pray?” One man spoke confidently in answer: “Yes, Captain, I do.” “That’s all right then,” he declared.

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Emotions

Negative thoughts and feelings can thwart the achievement of set goals. This article provides practical techniques that can be used to dispel negative thoughts and emotions.

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