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Abundance Mentality – An Abundance Mentality Is a Must for Success in Any Business

Do you have an abundance mentality? So many of us have a mentality of scarcity. We are taught from the time we are tiny that we live in a world of scarcity. There just isn’t enough to go around. We have to protect what is ours because if we don’t have it then someone else will get it. That’s just not true. The world is full of abundance. Examples are all around us. In order to succeed in any business we need an abundance mentality. This article will reveal how easy it is to get and maintain an abundance mentality.

The Essential Element in Your Personal Strategic Plan

Your purpose or your mission in life provides you with a sense of direction and focus. It is the essential element in your personal strategic plan. If you are without a mission you are like a boat adrift in the sea without any wind at your sails. The waves or life events just rocks your boat from side to side.

Stop Being Afraid by Changing Your Mental Game: Take Back Your Power Instead

Do you feel like you are faking it? As if anyone knew, really knew who you are at your core, they would walk, no scratch that, they would run away or laugh? Do you feel broken down and chained by guilt even though you have always tried to do your best. Well, enough is enough. Kick the monsters out of your mind. Shut the door on doubt and start moving towards living your dreams.

Did You Really Save Some Money?

When You Spend Less, You Don’t Necessarily Save Any Money. Paying less when you purchase something, or having a monthly bill lowered is not saving money. It is simply spending less money.

As Rich As Solomon

King Solomon was the richest person in history that ever lived. In this article today, join me as we look at King Solomon and how you live in the greatest time of opportunity and freedom to grow as rich as you want to.

Strive for the Mountain Top

Your perspective of life is based upon your experiences, your values and your character. Once we learn to give without expecting to be given back to and to value without being concerned if those values will be shown to us we learn what character is. Character defines us. What we are made of consist of a multiple of substances but it is the uniqueness of these substances that separates us from each other. Success is not measured by road travel but by the results of that travel. Cause and effect is the denominator. The road traveled will add to your character but there must be a destination. Let the top be your destination.

How to Attract Abundance Into Our Lives

The word abundance means, a very large portion of something. Once we have achieved an abundance of something, we will have enough to spread it around to others. Nature surrounds us daily with abundance.

The Natural Law! What Goes Around Comes Around!

All our thoughts, attitudes and actions are printed and have a result, it’s important to choose them carefully. The life rule assumes that everything in the universe is made of energy and emits a frequency including our attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

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