Guided Meditation for Beginners

Create Abundance in All Things

Many people have the impression that spiritual people should live in poverty, and that wealthy people couldn’t possibly be spiritual. This is probably because of ideas that have been imprinted in our minds since childhood. Quotes like “Who do you think I am, Rockefeller?” and “money is the root of all evil” leave a deep rooted impression in our minds.

Who Brings Out the Best in You?

In my work as a financial advisor I always seek for ways to be more than a money-mover for my clients. I want to do more than serve people; I also want to become a friend – a trusted friend. I wanted to help bring out the best in the people I’m around. Such things do not happen by accident.

What Does Building a Good Team Have to Do With Living a Rich, Fulfilled Life? Part I

A few years ago, when I was doing real estate investing, I could not find an attorney and an accountant who would give me the same advice. The accountant talked from a tax standpoint while the attorney talked from a liability standpoint. When I consulted with these two people, I was still left to figure it out on my own. So what was the point of having a team?

What Does Optimum Health Have to Do With Living a Rich, Fulfilled Life?

I read an interesting article while back about an 80-year-old man who ran a 26-mile marathon side-by-side with his granddaughter. (San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, June 1, 2008; Fred Peirce and granddaughter, Catherine Heider.) I can tell you that this kind of thing impresses me. I love to see retirees who are doing what it takes to invest in optimum health. Can you imagine the sense of satisfaction this man got when he crossed that finish line?

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Abundance

Using The Law Of Attraction to manifest abundance is something that be quite elusive to a lot of people, but perhaps the the answer they are looking for lies where they can most easily find it. On the internet!

When Can the Bad Actually Become the Good?

Into each life some rain must fall is a line from Longfellow’s poem entitled “Rainy Day.” It’s true, isn’t it? There are going to be problems in life that may seem insurmountable. Challenges that almost knock us right out of the game. There will be times in our lives that are dark and dreary and it seems we’ll never see the sun again.

What Does Happiness Have to Do With Living a Rich, Fulfilled Life?

I love asking people challenging questions. Questions that make them stop and think – and reconsider. Possibly even stop and change direction. The following question is one of my all-time favorites because it helps to lead people to discover their life purpose.

How a Person of Purpose Handles Adversity

You can tell a lot about a person by the way she handles adversity. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. Some crash and burn, while others stumble and totter and waver for a bit, but then come back up stronger than ever before. What makes the difference?

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