Guided Meditation for Connecting to your Higher Self (Inner being Alignment)

3 Tips For Attracting Abundance

The universe is abundant beyond measure, so attracting abundance shouldn’t be a problem. Why, then, are so many of us afraid of scarcity. More to the point what can we do about it? Here are my 3 top tips for attracting abundance into your life.

Your Real Self Knows the Truth – Charging What You Are Worth

How Do I Identify My Value? Valuing yourself for who you are and what you bring to the table, naturally, is a key element of life in the Sweet Spot. This is the thing most entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs, struggle with. It also keeps people in careers they don’t love, and prevents them for asking for what they need to be successful in their current role. And it doesn’t stop there. What sort of relationship does someone seek out when they don’t feel they are all that valuable? Without knowing and owning your value, you will attract clients, bosses, and mates who undervalue you too! When you start to feel the resentment, it is time to break the cycle.

Dead Presidents on Paper

As a financial planner, by necessity, I engage in many conversations with my clients, and prospective clients, about money. The concept of money has an interesting effect on people. The power they attribute to it would make one think that the picture of a dead president on a piece of paper could create happiness and financial security. Of course we know that’s ludicrous. It’s a silly assumption. But the fact is, people still live their entire lives as though it were true.

Bound For Prosperity

A plane bound for prosperity, or a destination there to, took off one fine November afternoon. The airplane, though cleared for takeoff, was in bad shape having been shot down in a war that had started during the previous flight crews’ time in the air. A change was now in order, a chorus of ‘Yes we can’ erupted from the vessel as the nose pointed skyward and the wheels left the ground.

It is a Fine Line Between Mid-Life Crisis and Indigestion

Figuring out what really is important in life is the first step. Once you have an idea as to what is important, making sure you get it, and live a life in balance, is the key.

Setting Goals – How to Avoid Disappointment

It has taken me years to be able to name and understand the destructive feeling that comes over me after having dreamed something big, put the first plans in place and then hit the first road bump. Now I share my learning with you.

What Does Making a Contribution Have to Do With Living a Rich, Fulfilled Life?

Do you consume? Or do you contribute? Those who ascribe to living a rich, fulfilled life do both. They are deeply thankful for what they have been given in life; therefore, they are always looking for ways to give back.

Openness – Keys to Be Open to Receive – Manifesting Your Life Dreams

When looking into “receiving and manifesting” what first comes to mind is that something is going to be delivered. That it will have to go in a place – inside or outside ourselves – where that new thing was not there before. It seems obvious that we need to prepare a place for it and to stay open to receive it.

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