Guided Meditation for Finding Your Purpose (Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing)

The Dawning of a Unique Life Concept

As a financial advisor, I have never approached my role as just a job. I always sought to be more than a money-mover for my clients. But after eight years of hearing the stories of nearly two thousand clients, an idea began to take shape in my mind, a new way of looking at my job. Really, a new way of looking at everything I do. And then two unique personalities made it all come together.

What Makes up a Portfolio for a Rich, Fulfilled Life?

In my work as a financial advisor, I’ve spent untold hours creating, explaining, designing and presenting financial portfolios. Part of building a balanced portfolio is of course diversification. The assets in a portfolio might include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, options, warrants, gold certificates, real estate, or any other investment that is expected to retain value or gain value. However, I have yet another approach to building an investment portfolio. It has to do with investments that can lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

Improving Work and Career and Get Helpful People in Your Corner With Feng Shui

Sometimes all of us need a little help from others. After all, we are not an island but live in a social world of endless connections. Let’s use this month as another opportunity to give this incredible philosophical and practical process a try.

Attracting Abundance – Using the Power of Your Mind For Attracting Abundance

Has your mind really got the power of attracting abundance, or indeed anything else? I believe that our minds do have such power, and I’ll give you a personal example of when my own mind has attracted abundance.

5K Blueprint – How a Positive Mindset Can Change Your Life in 3 Easy Steps

5K blueprint is the first major product created by a man who was able to achieve an extraordinary about turn in his life. This article examines how anyone can change their life with the correct mindset.

Living an Abundant Life – How to Have Abundance and Prosperity in Life

Living an abundant life is one thing that many people desire for. In fact, we all want to live in abundance and in prosperity but sometimes we tend to chase things that we desire most and yet still end up not contented and unhappy. If living an abundant life is one of your goals in life, it is important that you have to define what you want and what life of abundance is to you.

Four Stages to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Staying on purpose is important to your mission in life. First you must see the vision in your imagination, then mix thought with emotion driving you towards your goal. There are four different stages you must go through to acquiring your life’s purpose.

How to Enjoy Top-Class Goodness – Creating the Life You Want!

Be renewed, rejuvenated, refreshed, revived and re-energized! Experience a revival that creates infinite potential in your life. Recharge your spirit, empower yourself and exercise your sovereign authority to do things that are for the books. You can, Please read on!

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