Guided Meditation for Healing with Inner Being Alignment (Law of Attraction)

Manifesting Reality – Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

We don’t come into this life knowing what is best for us. Simply put, it is what we think about that manifests our reality. How do successful “go-getters” have an abundance of energy? Hold this thought in your mind-and within time you will become the thought and the thought will become you. You are an amazing force of energy.

Small But Sure Steps to Attracting Financial Abundance

The Law of Attraction has been popularised by the hugely successful DVD documentary movie “The Secret” in recent years, but if we were to look back into history, we can see that there have been vocal proponents from many different time periods. For example, Florence Scovel Shinn was an early 20th century Metaphysics writer and teacher of The New Thought Movement, who was much loved, very well known and respected for her first book, considered to be a prosperity classic, (which was self-published, by the way) “The Game of Life and How to Play it.” The following quote sums up her philosophy: “The invisible forces are ever working for man who is always ‘pulling the strings’ himself, though he does not know it. Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract.”

Understanding the Law of Perpetual Transmutation

In his international best-selling book You Were Born Rich, Bob Proctor quotes Dr. Wernher von Braun, “The natural laws of the universe are so precise that we have no difficulty building a spaceship to fly to the moon and we can time the landing with the precision of a fraction of a second”. I believe it is important to understand and tap into these laws as we go through our daily lives.

Wallace Wattles And The Science of Getting Rich – Who Is Wallace Wattles?

What do you know about Wallace Wattles? Discover the facts behind the author of The Science of Getting Rich and one of the most influential new thought writers of the past century.

Creating Abundance Through Joy – Finding Your Passion

Many clients come to me with the same question; how do I know what my passion is? How do I find my life’s purpose?

The Secret Is The Master Key System

The Master Key System is literally the secrets behind the book and movie, “The Secret.” This system is basically a book that teaches the ultimate principles, causes, effects and laws that allow us to attain success and wealth.

An Abundant Living System

An abundant living system is derived purely from the habits of thinking abundant thoughts over and over again until it becomes implicit. A true abundant living system is not some business or company that defines it. It is simply an abundant way of thinking, being and doing things which leads to an abundant life.

The Relationship Between You and Money

What does money do for us? What do we expect of it? What is money’s real role in our lives?

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