Himalayan Jaunt – Day 1 Glimpses #Shorts

Creating Wealth Is Easier Than It Sounds

Many people think that creating wealth is difficult. What you may not know is that it’s simply a matter of doing certain things every single day and it’s not unlike achieving any other goal you set for yourself.

What’s The Purpose Of You Being In A Prosperity Relationship With God?

The Bible is the primary way you can know God’s will and rewards for being in a prosperity relationship with Him. God wants you to set your heart to tap into His Word about being a giver so you can receive benefits that are rightfully yours in Christ.

Attacked by Anxiety – NOT NOW!

Anxiety is defined as feelings of apprehension brought on by concern or worry and results when a person feels fearful. Anxiety is a normal body response that occurs when a person is in real danger. For example, if a person steps out in to a busy street with oncoming traffic, a person’s anxiety level will increase signaling the person that he or she may be in danger. When the person steps away from oncoming traffic anxiety decreases once the person is able to see that he or she is no longer in real danger.

Waiting for the Wave

As a professional psychic, I do a weekly radio show. A few callers commented that they felt as though they were in a holding pattern – just waiting for something to happen..

Words That Will Change Your Life If You Let Them

When I heard these words the first time I missed it, but when I heard them this last time they blew my mind. These few words will change your life, if you let them.

5 Tips for Being Happier: Love Yourself As Much As You Love Others

Are you feeling unhappy and unappreciated? Do you feel unfulfilled or taken advantage of? Having more joy and satisfaction in your life is easier than you think!

We All Need Money!

Look, I think it is very important to have money… lots of it! Many “spiritual” people especially, think there is some kind of honor in having no money, that money is evil.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor

This article is about the advantages of learning from a mentor. Here are four reasons why you need a money mentor.

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