How Can We Stop Worrying About The Future | Chetan Bhagat Asks Sadhguru

Chinese Astrology – Wealth Luck

If you are wondering whether you have the luck to make money or why some people are lucky with money, you should take a look at your own birth chart as it holds the secrets to your affinity with wealth. In Chinese Astrology, a person’s birth date is charted in Four Pillars based on the elements and zodiacs known as Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny. By having your Ba Zi analyzed by an Astrologer, you can uncover your true self and potential in life towards a better future.

Personal Improvement Plan: 3 Confidence Building Exercises for Doing Business on the Internet

Doing business on the internet can be rewarding once you get going; however, when you listen to the experts, you realize that it really takes a personal improvement plan to build your foundation properly. So here are three personal improvement plan confidence building exercises to head you on the road to success…

Advanced Manifesting

We have to learn the art of attuning ourselves to the Universal Laws by rectifying our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds; to bringing into our life all of the things that we need. When we think positive thoughts we Aline ourselves with positive opportunities and circumstances; which brings us to the things we need.

Service Using Our Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds

As we move forward on our life journey, we come to an understanding that to be successful and prosperous in our lives on earth we have to work to provide ourselves, and the ones that we love and care for, with the resources that are necessary for all of our well-being. Many of us focus on the external world and we exhaust our mind and body with trivial thoughts and unnecessary labor that is of little use or value in accomplishing a satisfactory result in providing our basic needs. Many of us spend our entire lives searching for the answers to provide us with these basic needs which fill us with a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind, and happiness. The reason for our frustration and endless toil is that we have not understood the true meaning and application of “service” to all beings.

The Law of Abundance: Is It Working For or Against You?

In today’s economy, the “law of abundance” is heavily sought after, although it’s actually a spin-off of the “law of attraction”, also called the “law of love”. So how can you use the law of abundance to work in your favor? Here’s a three step solution…

Do We Take for Granted Our American Lifestyle? If So, Here Are 10 Things We Can Do About It

The author’s meltdown over forgetting her makeup case while traveling led her to some serious soul-searching about America’s obsession with “stuff.” Are we taking prosperity consciousness to an extreme?

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude in Life

I like the saying that ‘attitude determines altitude in life’. Whether you want to admit it or not, your attitude will make a lot of difference in your life be it positive or negative. It is therefore imperative to check up on yourself to know if your attitude is correct and if it will take you to your desired destination in life. The issue of attitude does not exclude any aspect be it marriage, business, government, academics, profession, religion and so on. Can you really admit that you have developed the right attitude? Find out your state and use this article to assess yourself. See you inside!

5 Ways To Overcome Blocks

We’ve all been there, staring at a blank screen, throwing endless drafts in the trash, scrolling through our Facebook photos, re-ordering our music libraries and sometimes even wiping our computer clean; anything to pass the time and avoid admitting the painfully obvious – we’ve hit a block. Writer’s block, or any other block for that matter, is a molehill often transformed into a seemingly insurmountable mountain by one thing and one thing only: us.

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