How Do Different Deities Function Differently?

Change Your Mind About Wealth

Many struggle with the ability to grow wealth. Understand the first obstacle to becoming rich, then discover how to overcome it. Find a simple step you can take to change your thinking towards becoming rich and set yourself free to become wealthy!

Stewardship: Trusting, Sharing and Receiving

This article briefly discusses stewardship, tithing and percentage of contribution. It also looks at people’s generosity, gratitude and trust in the God who desires people to live an abundant and prosperous life.

Alchemizing Your Income

Every instance that you are paid any sum of money take 20% of that amount and pay it to your self by placing the cash amount into a box. Each time you do this you are formlessly and energetically alchemizing the tangible form of the money and not just valuing it for the things it could buy.

I Got Confused While Setting Goals – Are You?

Even so, while studying so many success laws and principles, I would get confused by the goal setting process. I would hear that I needed a clear concise, measurable goal and then I would hear that I needed to describe how I wanted my life to turn out. I would learn of vision boards and life visions. Bob Proctor teaches to begin writing a clear goal by starting out with “I am so happy and grateful now that I…” fill in the blank. In fact, fill in two or three pages of whatever. All of this was very confusing for me because I saw it all as one mechanism – a goal.

Molding Your Life? Get a Creed

By now, most readers have figured out that there is no “one” secret to success and prosperity, but in fact, there are many facets to a successful body just as there are many facets to a beautiful diamond. Metaphorically speaking, are we not all diamonds in the rough? So to begin this process, I recommend that you consider preparing a personal creed. I have written and recorded my personal life vision, but in this case, I am inserting a personal creed into it so that it is something that becomes a part of me. When a person develops a formal creed for their life and lives it as fully as they can, they develop another character trait (diamond facet) called integrity.

How to Effortlessly Manifest With the Law of Attraction

A close colleague of mine at work dismisses all that I’ve told him about the Law of Attraction as “New Age fluff!” He felt it was “too mystical” to be real and that what is real is firmly grounded in science and fact.

It Takes Passion To Succeed To Become A SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur

Most people are married to their jobs. They don’t know how to dream. They do not have any passion. Entrepreneurs are exceptional individuals with an absolute passion to succeed. They know precisely what they want. They have a plan for success.

Stephen King Quote – Success And Happiness Are Yours If You Just Listen!

“No, it’s not a very good story – its author was too busy listening to other voices to listen as closely as he should have to the one coming from inside.” – Stephen King. There is a problem in modern society today which destroys many lives. This modern world is filled with so many distractions.

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