How Do You Ask The Universe For Something You Want And Get It?

7 Secrets on How to Become Rich

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends who may not be smarter than you are richer than you? Some of your friends may have never finish high school or know how to perform simple tasks like using the computer.

Why Must We Believe it Before We Can See It?

Read a story describing an adventure with everything you could ask for… rambunctious kids… competitive basketball… an irate cashier… and a 24 million dollar jackpot! The other day I was working a job fair and I was in a conversation with a few other principals in my school district. One of the principals was describing a story of a friend he knew who had taken his family to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game.

Wealth Attraction Tips

There are many wealth attraction tips out there. However, this article presents three among the tips that are most effective to attract wealth, and gain abundance. Read each carefully, and apply them in your daily life. Scientific research may not yet be able to verify these claims, but if you choose to use them, then you can see for yourself whether these are true or not.

Manifesting Your Desires Through Mind Science

I have written recently about the power of the primary creative Quantum Sound Frequency, or MindSound, “Ah”. Now I want to share an even more powerful MindSound for manifestation: Ara Kara.

Using Laws of Attraction For Prosperity – Get This Step Right and You’re Almost Done

You’ve probably heard about the “Laws of attraction”.To get anything, all you need to do about your desire is to ASK-Believe-Receive. Believing in your desire is the most difficult part. The secret is to stay focused on your desire.

How One Man Became Very Rich – A Secret Worth Considering

It’s good to look into history as well as to look forward. Sometimes we will find nuggets of truth to help us along the way. I find King Solomon extremely interesting to study.

What Core Belief Stole Away Your Abundance?

Are you feeling robbed? Core Beliefs are often the hidden culprit behind some of the biggest loses of opportunity in your life. Catching them “red-handed”, and “hauling them off to the trash” so to speak can liberate you in many areas of your own personal…

Manifest More of What You Desire

Have you ever wondered why certain people have certain similar experiences happen to them over and over again? Or have you ever wondered why some people appear to be constantly unlucky while others seem to have constant good fortune? It is all to do with the energetic frequency we constantly emit to the universe.

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