How Gautama Buddha Transformed a Murderer into a Sage

Using Affiliate Marketing to Help Enhance Your Abundance and Prosperity

One of the most overlooked and yet powerful ways of enhancing your abundance and prosperity is through the proper choice and effective use of affiliate marketing products. Too many people think that they have to create what they offer others as a way of increasing their abundance and prosperity. This is a fallacy that you can avoid by finding items out there you like and getting paid for sharing them with other people.

Examples of Call to Action for Abundance and Prosperity

In the world of internet marketing, and in any business really, the one thing that is most often over looked and is central to success is the importance of a call to action. No matter the business you are running, ultimately it requires a customer taking some action at some point. Without effective call to actions you cannot have abundance and prosperity.

Having True Gratitude Will Change Your Life and Lead To Success With A Home Based Internet Business

What is the single biggest obstacle to success when it comes to a Home Based Business? It’s call fear. Having full and complete gratitude leaves no room for fear and changes everything.

If You Really Believed In Miracles, Here’s What You’d Do (Pt VIII)

Gratitude is more than just saying “thank you.” It’s a journey through stages and finds countless forms of expression. The following practices will skyrocket your levels of Miracle Mind…

If You Really Believed in Miracles, Here Is What You Would Do (Pt VII)

We think we see a real world “out there.” It’s convincing enough. Albert Einstein called reality an illusion, albeit a persistent one. But what if you could reshape your reality? What if you could mold it into your own forms, your own creations? What if thoughts actually are things? Would you want that? Of course you would…

If You Really Believed in Miracles, Here Is What You Would Do (Pt VI)

The clearest sign of the spiritual amateur is the amount of complaining they do. Do you begin your day with “Good morning, God!” or with “Good God, morning!”? This article offers you a simple way to begin diminishing your Complaint Quotient and to begin increasing your Joy Quotient. Ready?

The Book of John From the Bible, and How It Changed My Life After Studying It With a Group

When I studied the book of John. I realized that I said things, and felt things that Jesus said and taught us in this book of the bible. It raised the question with me, who am I? Then I had a total transformation of my mind. I began to see the truth, and our world started to make sense to me, when it never did before. I am still searching every day for who I am to Jesus, and why his truth was already in me before I knew him.

How Baby Boomers ARE the Future of the Economy!

 FORGET politicians. They are incapable and unable to save the economy. All those laws and acts of parliament and congress, all the investment in the big businesses, all the drives to get young people employed in those big businesses.

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