How To Detect Negative Energy In Your Home #shorts

Attracting Money – A Snapshot of Your Thoughts

Everything you see in your world, including the state of your finances, is an illusion. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real – but it’s more like a “snapshot” of your dominant thoughts, projected directly from your consciousness. Here’s how to change those outer images by projecting a different snapshot.

Manifestation – Why We Wait and Wait

Waiting for desires to be made manifest can sometimes be frustrating, but learning how to “wait and wait well” for the manifestation of your desires can help keep you in the state of allowing and receptivity that is so essential to a positive outcome. In fact, it can make all the difference in your manifestational success.

Six Rules For Gaining Prosperity in Your Life!

Success in life has rules just like everything else in life. If there is hot there is cold if there is sadness then there is joy. If there is poverty then there is Prosperity. Recognizing that everything in the universe has a set of criteria that defines it makes everything understandable and achievable. Success is no Different. I have compiles six guidelines for Prosperity that can be utilized by anyone with the desire to achieve.

Smoothing the Path to Abundance

One challenging aspect of attracting greater abundance is the time it takes for the results to appear. We need to look beyond obstacles and focus on solutions. Aligning ourselves with like-minded people can magnify our own vision and allow us to achieve even greater levels of success than we could by flying solo. In addition, we can learn to recognize that every perceived failure is merely a stepping stone along the path to success.

Women, Money, and Taking Control of Our Own Destiny

Ideas for women to improve their financial picture are listed in this article. Please pay attention and take control of your destiny today! Yes, we can!

Are Your Fears Blocking Your Wealth?

Are you really ready to allow the wealth you’ve been trying to attract? Before you shout “Yes!” you may want to consider whether you could have some inner fears that are holding back your wealth. Here’s how to tell, and how to resolve them if you should find that you do.

Christian Ethics

Anyone who is a Christian has grown to not only depend on, but to also trust the church. The idea of finding out your church is corrupt, financially burdened, or that you’re Pastor/Bishop, has stolen money from the church or is not a good feeling. The Christian community is being ridiculed in the public media for portraying a lifestyle unbecoming to the public. Many have lost focus on the true meaning of the church and what it stands for. Some are calling the church corrupt, saying that the church has lost its moral integrity and lacks Christian Ethics. This report will attempt to bring some clarity as to how a Christian should operate in society.

Great Way to Start Your Business From Scratch Successfully Online

A service does a perfect job of helping you develop YOUR business. With a step-for-step guided system it leads you from your first business drawing board to your success online. The whole time you are fed all the information you need to do things ideally, without being overfed. They help you find and develop your niche, build the sites and be successful online – and therefor offline, too!

Thoughts of Abundance

Everyone seems to want something more than they currently have. Whether it is a better relationship, a career, or just plain old money, we tend to seek and attain beyond what we have at the moment. Having thoughts of abundance and creating through positive thought can bring you what you truly want in your life.

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