How to Finally STOP FEELING DOUBTFUL About Your Manifestation?

Get All The Money You Want Through Law Of Attraction

Nobody said that it would be easy to earn money. You work double-shifts, daily overtimes, work on weekends, and even get a second job, so that one could pay the bills and the mortgage. It is but sad that people nowadays need to be overworked for them to be able to get by. How harder can it be to save a couple of bucks for the rainy days?

Who Else Wants to Be a Millionaire!

It’s not spiritual to be poor. It’s important that we live a life of abundance. Financial freedom is different for every single person. What is important to you? What is your financial independence? Where do you want to go? That’s the hard part. You have to have an executable game plan, to get yourself where you want to be…

How To Attract Abundance and Prosperity

When I started with my affirmations many years ago I believed strongly in what I said, yet like so many of us I would have that little voice (not so little at times!) telling me that it cannot be done or it will not work out for one or other reason. Yes there is always a reason.

The Meaning of Life, to Be Happy, and Everything Is An Expression of Meaning

Are you looking for meaning in your life? Here is a way to look at your world and the events you initiate where you can find always meaning.

At The Ready

“At the ready” is a point of view that I love to embrace to the fullest. It means that in our house, if you need a pencil, a knife, a piece of paper, or a light – no matter what you need at any moment, my intent is to have provided it where you would expect it to be. No need to search for it. You can expect that it is “at the ready.”

That There May Be Equality

For the winter, I stuck a branch into the umbrella holder and hung the suet feeder from it so that it is only a foot from my office door. This makes it easy to change the suet.

Living A Life of Wealth Using The Law of Attraction For Money

We all have this need for money to the point that we get obsessed with it. The Law of Attraction for money works beyond our desire for money, but also works efficiently on our ultimate goal which is to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Be Thankful! You’ve Already Arrived

For some time as a small business owner and earlier as a solo professional I often struggled with the belief that I didn’t have enough-money, clients, opportunities, time, fun, and peace of mind. I discovered I do. So do you.

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