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The Secret of Attracting Abundance – How to Unlock It

Why is it that some people seems to get everything they want, being successful in their personal, professional and financial life while others are struggling day by day, never being able to make ends meet and live a life of struggle? Is it that some people are favored by God or just luckier than others? If this is what you have been taught to believe, you have been told a lie.

Growing Prosperity – Get Yourself Prepared to Prosper!

Have you taken the time to build a prosperous foundation in your life? You wouldn’t think about building a house without first laying a foundation. Then why would you expect to have growing prosperity without a foundation?

Is Your Mindset in Complete Harmony? Learn What It Takes to Be Powerful!

We all have conscious thoughts, subconscious thoughts and a self-image of ourselves in our thoughts. These three separate thought processes are located in separate parts of our brains and in combination they control our lives. All three streams of thought must be in harmony for us to lead powerful, amazing lives.

Living a Fulfilled Life

Fulfillment is to gain happiness and satisfaction by fully achieving one’s potential. It is living a life with a feeling of complete fulfillment and I believe that everyone wants that. Living that kind of life simply means one has to discover what their potential is and go after that, so invariably, doing something outside your potential cannot give you fulfillment, though it can give you money.

Dirty Sexy Money

“To be clever enough to get all the money, one must be stupid enough to want it.”- Gilbert Chesterton – Since childhood we are made to believe that money corrupts. We are told that whatever we do we must not forget our principles in life and the last thing we should compromise on is our culture and values, at least when it comes to money. So is having money or wanting money bad? Does money really corrupt?

Expect The Best

Always expect the best. You deserve the best of everything, and the Energy will bring it to you. One of the most Powerful Forces is Expectation. Always expect what you want in life.

Affirmations – The Secret Way To Transform Your Life

An affirmation is a statement made to oneself that has either a positive or a negative value. These declarations can be intended to change our life or they can be impulsive like when we see a horror movie and something jumps out and startles you and we tell ourselves “yikes, that was scary”. Our lives and actions will align with our affirmations the more we use them. The way affirmations work is very similar to a ripple effect. When the wind blows against the water, it causes ripples that develop into waves that later on can cause a tsunami.

Attract More Money Now – 3 Mindsets That Millionaires Have and You Should Too

Are you interested in learning how to attract more money? Have you ever wondered how some people just always seem to be able to find financial success while others can receive a windfall of money and still end up broke? The secret is mindset. Millionaires and other people who are financially successful think differently than people who are broke and have no money. If you want to change your financial situation you must first change your mindset. Here are 3 ways that millionaires think differently.

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