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Biblical Prosperity – An Abundance of Spiritual Blessings! Have You Claimed Your Rich Inheritance?

Biblical prosperity is the abundant life. We can have all spiritual blessings when we find our place in Christ! Why not choose to live the great adventure, and the great prosperity that is available in Christ?

Look For Money

Have you ever wondered why you need to get up early in the morning to go to work? Deep inside you, do you really feel doing it in the first place? Haven’t you observed why existence has been reduced to getting up early in the morning, driving yourself to work amidst a very busy street with lots of traffic jams all around you, meeting face to face with your ugly boss whose job is no less than watch the ugly things you have been doing in the office while you are pretending to work? Don’t you, in the least possible human tragedy, feel ensnared by the seemingly unsolvable situation?

Can Attraction Make Me Rich?

There have been a lot of talk on the law of attraction for the past couple of years. People do not fully understand how it works; just for the case of people that do not know,”the law of attraction states that what you think of the most becomes your reality, whether it is good or bad. Based on that, I say that attraction can make you rich. And I would like to show you how this is possible.

The Law of Attraction and Christian Tradition

A woman who read one of my articles on the Law of Attraction wrote about family members who believed that the Law of Attraction was not scriptural and therefore she would have nothing to do with it, especially the affirmations. As someone who has a Master’s Degree in Theology, I’d like to make some comments about her family member’s concern.

Abundance and Prosperity Tips: Meet The Challenge

To manifest abundance and prosperity in your life it takes commitment. You must be able to take on the challenge and take massive action. These tips will help you do that.

Prosperity Tip: Take Action

Prosperity takes commitment, focus, and now it is time to take action. When we take action, we do not take shortcuts. We do not need to take shortcuts, because when we do things over and over we learn them, and then they become easier. When you take action, you show that you believe, and you are putting the effort in.

Can The Forgotten Laws Be Trusted?

Did you ever watched The Secret movie and thought that you can realize your dreams? A lot of people had that hope. And today I want to tell you about The Forgotten Laws That makes the Secret complete.

How Can I Get Rich? 4 Ways to Make It Happen

A lot of people are wondering this same thing. Quite simply, it’s really not as complicated as most think.

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