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Feng Shui – Rules To Observe When Moving Into A New House

After a property has been selected based on the Feng shui system, a well-informed client will usually request for an auspicious date and time for moving in. Based on the Chinese Art of Date Selection, which is part of Chinese Metaphysics, there is a good date for every important activity. This is to ensure that an activity, such as moving into a new house, is carried out successfully without any obstacle in the way.

Taking Back My Freedom And Living My Life Like It’s Golden

To live our lives like its golden really shouldn’t cost us much. It is not something that we have to pencil in to our calendars. Living our life like its golden should come naturally to us. However, if we have been living a life filled with obligations, should, must, have to’s, guilt, self-judgments and self-criticisms then living our life like its golden will sound very frivolous.

Barter Best Bet For Simple Living

Barter networks, pledge and sharing groups may have a negative image in North American economies, but are effective tools for making your income stretch. Such programs can be implemented and maintained for only a nominal cost, but require a lot of hard work at the outset.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot – How It Just Keeps Going

This is not so much about the planet Jupiter and its red spot as it is about persistence and going on even when things seem to small or boring in a way. Like that red spot, all prosperity is cumulative as God is trying to show us through that red spot on “the planet of prosperity”. I shall elaborate on this concept.

Use Your Body To Win 3% More

The average person makes the right decision about 47% of the time whereas the Jobs(s) and Oprah(s) of the world come in at 50%. What’s the core difference? Consider this. While our minds tend to be more concerned with what others need from us, our bodies are 100% keyed into what we need to succeed. Recognizing how to read your core blueprint for success is the first rule of tapping into your unflappable knowing that leads to more success, more of the time.

How to Get Everything That You Desire

Are you ready to get everything that you’ve always wanted in life? Maybe it’s more money, better relationships, joy, peace, or tranquility. Well, it is very possible to get what you want for your life. In this article, you will receive 3 easy to-do steps to attain all that your heart desires.

The Meaning of Change In Our Lives

Unavoidably, change in one’s life, triggers emotions that range from deep discomfort, elation or even fear. As the saying goes, we are creatures of habit. When any change threatens our homeostasis we tend to fight or run. But to paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There is nothing good or bad about change but thinking makes it so.”

Law of Attraction: Creating the Abundance of Xmas Everyday – Be Your Own Santa Claus

Every child has dreams of what they want to do and who they want to be one day. As adults we start to lose that excitement. We’ve missed a few goals and have decided that dreams are just dreams and are never meant to come true. What if you could create your life in a different way? What if there was a way to create your dreams and have them happen? Would you want to know how that works? Create the spirit of Christmas gratitude and abundance every day by discovering how to be your own Santa in life. Get ready to define whoever you want to Be, whatever you want to DO and whatever you want to Have. Have your arms wide open to receive the results of Law of Attraction. Watch as your dreams come true.

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