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Why Do Some People Struggle in a World of Abundance?

In life and business is required abundance mentality. Abundance mentality says that every business on the planet can evolve rapidly. Success in one business does not mean that other businesses have to suffer. But many businesses are in a struggle. In my estimation, 80 percent of businesses struggling to some degree.

The Second Pillar of Success in Your Life – Wealth – 2 of 3

The second pillar of success is about wealth. It is important to know that a small step consistently in accumulating of wealth is important step toward success. Learn the system in wealth accumulation and soon you will notice success is just not far away from where you are standing right now. Act Now!

The Power of Feeling Good All the Time

So great is the power of feeling good all of the time. Not only that it is healthy, it also aligns our thoughts to our desires for speedy manifestation.

Work As We Like

I am a normal worker like most of the people in the world. I have a job that provide tow-day weekend, but I always feel the working time goes so slowly but when it comes to the weekend, how time flies by.

How to Unlock the Door of Divine Blessing

There seems to be a secret in the simple act of giving or in being good to others, some people call it the law of karma i.e. whatever you do whether good or bad have a way of turning round to be your own lot too. I have noticed that in almost all spiritual attempts to get one blessing or the other sacrifice which include giving of arms is always involved.

Simple Steps You Can Use to Save Money in Today’s Economy

As you undoubtedly know, we’re in a deep recession right now. Some have changed their habits and are a lot more frugal. I’ve always been frugal due to the stress of bitter financial experience. I put myself through college and paid for my first master’s degree as I went along without incurring any debt. By following some of these basic financial principles, you can save more money and live without fear.

Giving, Receiving – What’s It All About?

“I give my time to a charity, and it’s not fulfilling!” “I give and give and give at work and I don’t get any recognition.” “I give so much time to my job and there is no reward!”

Improve Your Life With The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction has been getting both good and bad press since the release of “The Secret” came out on DVD and then as a book. This is funny, because the principles of the law of attraction have been with us in a variety of forms for many years. The renewal of the concept due to the DVD gave us another chance to investigate the validity of the concept.

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