How to Live to Your full Potential #shorts

Celebrating Prosperity

Sheena had been working her home based business for a little over two months and had resigned from her brick and mortar job. Her income had tripled since the previous month and she knew that it was time to move forward. This was reason for celebration.

Mornings With The Science Of Getting Rich: Picture The Flow of Life

Today is Sunday, a day of renewal, a day of beginnings and a day for a fresh look at The Science of Getting Rich. There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance. The universe is made out of it; but it was not all used in making the universe.

Create the Life You Would Love to Have Through Health, Happiness, and Wealth

Health, wealth, and happiness are the building blocks for a successful life. Everyone has its own definition of success. However, when these three elements strike a balance in your life, you definitely achieve a meaningful and satisfied life.

Manifesting Happiness and Prosperity

Sheena’s dinner party ended after her guests had asked her countless questions about the change in her beliefs about herself and about the business she had started. They all agreed to go home and watch the video presentation from the link she would email to them.

Overcoming Her Fear And Prospering

Sheen awoke and was ready to face her day; she had a new determination in her heart. She got up, made coffee, took a shower and got ready for the day. She went into her home office, sat down at her desk and called work telling them that she was taking some vacation time. After she hung up with work she called Jake and told him that she was going to give this work at home business a try.

Fearful She Would Never Prosper – Part One

Here she sat with this wonderful business opportunity in her lap. Sheena had always wanted to work from home so, that she would have more flexible hours to spend time doing the things she enjoyed the most. Spending more time in her kitchen creating new dishes, traveling more often and if she would accept this business opportunity it would be possible…

Understanding the Art and Science of Life Processes

Consider the art and science of giving and receiving, which reflects constructs that begin on an intangible level and either remain intangible or take on tangible form. Words like relevance, kindness, and generosity are examples of intangible constructs with intrinsic definitions. When these constructs are applied to the physical act of giving, associated definitions exist in resultant processes whether we know them or not.

Are You Having a Good Day?

Have you smiled today? If you haven’t how can you consider having a good day?

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