How To Manifest Love With A Specific Person While Sleeping

The Top 5 Things I Learned From Robert Kiyosaki

The book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter was a revolutionary read and inspired me to move past fears that have stopped me from doing more with my life financially. Reading the book a second time, I really focused on the opposite of all I knew – and those were the ideas of his rich dad. This article covers the top 5 things that I have either gained a greater understanding of or learned more about from Robert Kiyosaki.

Meditation – Manifest Abundance Through an Integration of 4 Levels

Meditation leads to spiritual awakening – to spiritual self mastery. There are many methods of meditation that are being practiced today. Each may have a different purpose like relaxation, healing, deeper connection with the Divine Source for enlightenment.

Making Prosperity a Priority

Prosperity is available to anyone who truly wants it. This is because all the tools to manifest it are within each one of us, regardless of where we live, our race, religion or current life circumstances. If you want prosperity and happiness, you need to make getting these things your top priority. If you are unhappy with your current state of affairs, it is a clear indicator you have not been devoting enough time to bettering your life. If you fail to make prosperity your priority and just hope that your life will magically change without any effort, especially mental, on your part, you are doomed to mediocrity and wishful thinking.

Simple Abundance – Life is Great!

We see so much negative about the world today, it can be quite depressing. But there is joy and happiness to be found, we just need to open our eyes to see it.

Attracting Abundance Using Gratitude

Everything in this world vibrates at a specific frequency. When you are grateful you change your energy to a higher vibration and you attract more into your life. You attract more wealth, more happiness, more love, more success and more joy.

Leveraging the Inner Presence to Improve Your Prosperity

The subject of an inner Presence being the source of your prosperity is something that I have been working on for some months. I am convinced it is the key to true prosperity, which goes way beyond merely money abundance. This Presence is your True Self, who you really are, the Spirit that is having a human experience.

Gratitude – The Key to Prosperity

The subject of gratitude and appreciation, which are two sides of the same coin, is a vast one and yet at the same time very simple. We are told from the time when we were young children that we should be grateful for what we are given. Saying thanks is drummed into us from a very young age.

Prosperity – The Benefits of Releasing and Letting Go

So often in our daily lives we are looking forward to what we want to achieve, to push and succeed at something, be it work, relationships, material things or money. But one of the principles of prosperity is about letting go, making a vacuum in yourself and your life so the new can come in. Releasing can come in many forms, but when we are dealing with the thoughts we must release we are coming up against our resistance. Resistance to change stands in our way, it inhibits our ability to allow the better feelings to flow through…

What is Abundance If You’re Starting From Scratch?

Bob Doyle describes the feeling of being wealthy as feeling that you have all the time you need. With that, you don’t have to ever consider money when you are thinking about what you would like. If you haven’t inherited it, then Robert Kyosaki has several ideas, and none of them involve working hard.

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